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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Recap: Fearless Beauty Fundraiser, Cutler Salon SoHo


This past Monday (10/20), Cutler Salon, including founder Rodney Cutler and head stylist, Rachel Bodt, co-hosted the evening with the women of the hour, Heather Packer, founder of the new charity: Fearless Beauty. The inspirational question of the evening from Packer was, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Her answer, after much soul searching, was Fearless Beauty, which will mentor and train underprivileged girls in India within a 3-month program teaching them the trade of hair styling, ultimately empowering them to earn a sustainable income and improve their quality of life.

Heather Packer, founder of Fearless Beauty
Packer’s motivation to launch Fearless Beauty and leave home for months came during her last trip to Rishikesh in the spring of 2014. “One day I asked myself what I would do if I was not afraid. This program was the answer,” Packer said. “I knew I had a responsibility to myself and the vision to see what was possible. As it turns out, with a strong vision, there is also strong support in seeing it come true.”

Cutler Salon stylists hosted a fundraiser in which they donated their time to give blowouts on a donation basis and curate a luxe silent auction which raised $13,000, surpassing Packer's $10,000 goal! Packer will head to Rishikesh, India for the inaugural class in early 2015. 

Cutler Salon founder Rodney Cutler and Evelyn, September at NYFW

About Fearless BeautyFearless Beauty is an organization founded by Heather Packer, with the goal to empower women and girls by providing education, mentorship, and support in the beauty industry so they are able to generate sustainable income and pass on their awareness of beauty as a tool for growth and healing. To learn more about Fearless Beauty and how to contribute donations or tools for the organization’s vocational program, visit www.fearlessbeauty.org.

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