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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oxygen’s Newest Nail Art Competition Series: "Nail’d It"


Calling all my fellow "fingertip fashionistas!" Have you tuned in to watch Oxygen's new show "Nail’d It", which premiered on October 7th and airs every Tuesday at 9:00 pm? If you haven't yet, you're only 2 episodes behind, so hurry up and catch up! The series pits 18 of the best up and coming nail artists against one another as they claw their way to the top to claim a life changing grand prize of $100,000. Host Adrienne Bailon is obsessed with nail art and she was the perfect choice to be the host. Not only does she always have a fly design on her nails, but she has her own nail polish line called Fingertip Fetish. I took part of a telephone conference and had a Q&A session with Adrienne, where I asked her what she thought about plain nails (gasp) her manicure routine, tips for bloggers on-the-go and her for favorite nail tips (hint: she loves the new "negative space" nail look) 

Photo: Adrienne Bailon on Oxygen's Nail'd It ....

  • She is relaunching her polishes (organic) for the holidays
  • Her own nail polish collection Fingertip Fetish is 100% VEGAN
  • Hates/is over stiletto nails, prefers more almond-shaped look for her nails
  • Clear/bare nails are okay and still beautiful (The Real co-star Tamar goes bare)
  • Her fave polish from her Fingertip Fetish nail polish line is "El Barrio" a fire engine red, which is her signature style. Her "Made in NYC" collection showcases stunning hues that represent NYC: Bronx Bomber, Concrete Jungle, El Barrio, Lady Liberty, LES, Metro Metallic, Hail A Cab and Trendy Soho. 

I love when two Latina's talk on the phone. Before my interview portion, Adrienne said the following: This is how our convo went:
EvCurlGurl: Hi, Adrienne.

Adrienne Bailon: Hi, how are you?

EvCurlGurl: I'm good, how are you? It's no secret that you're into nail art and you previously mentioned that you like to paint your nails once a week. Me, personally, aside from work, attending a lot of events, tons of writing, I don't have much time for sit down for scheduled manicures, but I do change my nail polish daily. I like give my nails a break and go bare at times 
and my nails are healthy (Adrienne previously mentioned that she loves unpolished nails if they are healthy.) Since I always have a camera in my hand and I'm constantly photographing products, writing, talking with my hands, (I’m Dominican, Latina we like to show our hands when talking) my hands are always on display, so they better look good! I love... actually I'm obsessed with painting my nails every day because I can't stand chipping. I was known for not painting my nails so now I've gone crazy (hello, #NOTD!) I pretty much paint my nails whichever color my heart desires. 

With that said, what nail looks do you go with when it's fall/winter Adrienne? Do you stick to the nudes, the neutral, or do you prefer dark colors? Do you stick with trendy shades or go with whatever polish you want.. what's your preferred look for fall? 

Adrienne Bailon: I love that you’re Latina, hi, number one – and I know that we love to talk with our hands and we love to take good care of ourselves and make sure that we're always on trends, and we're looking good. I would say for me, I think, do whatever you want and do it however you feel. I actually think that there are no rules on what colors are specifically for winter and what colors are specifically for fall. I think I often see new trendy things or whatever colors are trendy toward that season.

I would say go for that, but don't limit yourself and say you could only wear hot pink in the summer time because that's just not true. I would say there are options. I know a lot of women that love getting their nails done, but they have a huge issue with the chipping of nails. Yes, so they actually want their manicure to last them longer and in that case, I would suggest gel polish, which is obviously genius for trying to make your manicure last.

If you don't have the time but you still want to polish; and you're OK with having the same color for a week, then I'd say go with a gel manicure. Now, if you want short-term, I think the key is, I know this sounds crazy... we actually did a segment on it for The Real; a metallic glitter polish like gold. Gold right now is so hot for fall, gold and bronze, they even now have rose gold glitter. It actually doesn't look like glitter anymore, it actually just looks like chunks. Like it, it looks like pieces!

EvCurlGurl: Yes - I use tons of glitter on an accent nail or glitter tips for French manis!

Adrienne Bailon: So, it's not like the old school glitter. I can say that it just looks like you have like patches of gold on your nails and it's super beautiful. I would say with regards to chipping polish, if you don't have the time to get your nails done, and let's say after the three days your polish starts chipping and you don't know what to do, my answer is go over the top of your polish that you currently have and use like a fly metallic gold polish that has chunks in it such as gold or bronze. Now, they even have like a copper color or a rose gold. That will totally transform your nails, and at the same time cover any chips that you might have.

EvCurlGurl: Perfect, I love that.

Adrienne Bailon: It also gives it a completely different look and it also goes with everything. Because metallics always go with anything.

EvCurlGurl: Great Adrienne, thank you so much.

Adrienne Bailon: Thank you Mama, thank you so much.

Be sure to catch Nail'd It, which airs Tuesdays, at 9:00 pm ET on Oxygen

About Nail'd It:
The winners and runners up from the first six episodes will compete in a high-stakes four-part finale until only one artist is left standing to win the grand prize and opportunity to have their designs featured in a cover story for Nail It! magazine. Pushed beyond their creative limits, the contestants will be critiqued by a rotating panel of judges, including industry icon and leading expert on trends, Jan Arnold(@cndworld), CND’s Co-Founder and Style Director; Top “Man”-icurist, Tom Bachik (@tombachik), who polishes the nails of celebrities from red carpets events to sold out arenas; expert nail artist and celebrity manicurist, Terrance Terry (@terranceterry), known as the “Nail Villain” for his uncensored personality and ability to push the envelope; and distinguished judge of nail art competitions worldwide, Elaine T. Watson(@elainetwatson), Cuccio International’s VP of Marketing and Sales and Global Education Director.

For more information on Nail'd It, please visit http://www.oxygen.com/shows/naild-it.

~Evelyn Lugo

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