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Sunday, October 12, 2014



Tiny but mighty: $14.99, 0.07 oz. tube

Cold sores are not exactly something you want to discuss, that is until you get one yourself. NO, I don't have one (but I wish I did, so I could post pics, lol) but I do have a few friends who suffer from recurring cold sores, so I feel and see their pain! You feel isolated and embarrassed, so of course they wouldn't let me take pictures for this review (boo to you), but I will tell you that they quickly tried this new CARMEX: Cold Sore Treatment with TriPLEX Formula ($14.99 - 0.07 oz. tube) and gave it the thumbs up. Also, I ran across a couple dolls at NYFW last month (stress triggered an outbreak) and told them about this new product by Carmex and also  received great feedback from them. How long have I known about this? Since the Carmex press preview I attended back in July at Per Se Restaurant. Some things do take time, especially when I'm dealing with resistance. See, ____ I didn't mention your name, lol! 

Carmex press preview at Per Se Restaurant, NYC

What makes Carmex different from the other over the counter cold sore remedies? ....

  • It's the only spot treatment that instantly relieves pain
  • Formulated with 10% Benzocaine
  • Minimizes the gross appearance of cold sores
  • Matches any skin tone

What is TriPLEX Technology? It's a combination of three different optical diffusion technologies, that bend and refract light to minimize the appearance of your cold sore so that it won't be so noticeable. Here's how it works:

  • 1st technology: is an optical brightener, bends the light as it approaches the cold sore by shifting the focal point of light a blurring effect occurs and the cold sore becomes less visible. 
  • 2nd technology: is an optical filler, used to fill in the unevenness of the cold sore. By controlling the thickness of the optical filler, the amount of light being reflected, retracted and transmitted is controlled. 
  • 3rd technology: is also an optical filler intended to help correct the skin tone of the cold sore. By precisely controlling the type and thickness of the coating, the wavelength of the reflected light is determined and any color skin tone can be matched

If you suffer from cold sores, you probably already know that stress, sun exposure and even your period can trigger an outbreak. As frustrating as it is, just know that when you try to hide that embarrassing scab, Carmex can help and will heal your cold sore faster than other OTC remedies. Visit www.carmexcoldsore.com and www.mycarmex.com for more information. 

So relax if you get a cold sore. You can find Carmex Cold Sore Treatment at retailers nationwide. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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