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Monday, October 27, 2014

BCA: NYC Breast Cancer Walk 2014


Staying true to my word, last Sunday I headed to Central Park at 7:00 a.m. for the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. I was wearing as much pink as I could get my hands on, closely  resembling "Pinkie Pie" from My Little Pony. Hey, all those who know me, will tell you that I am not a pink-loving, girly-girl. I have avoided the color pink since I was 10 years old; I prefer red, blue or purple! But hey, it was for a great cause, so I clipped on four pink Ouidad "Curls For A Cure" extensions in my hair, strapped on my pink Everlast boxing gloves, pink scarf, hot pink lipstick (I had to get a lipstick: I give away anything pink) and pink with black Nike's! Why the pink boxing gloves? Duh: Knock out breast cancer!

I was ready!
I love how people get into the "pink power" spirit for this event! I've heard of an entire team walking in pink heel (you dolls are my heroes, I'm pretty sure your feet were bleeding by mile 3) and men rocking pink tutu's in honor of either their mom, sister or wife. Hey, I had Chewy rocking a pink bow last year. He didn't like it, but he took one for the team, lol....

Last years walk... 
....you were missed little buddy!

I won't exactly say that it was as easy as my previous walks (I made it a point to voice my discomfort to my buddies, each and every one of the 18,457 steps I took.) Why? Well, this year was definitely harder for me, but I did it. I commend my teammates for not removing my gloves to punch me with them, but we finished all 5 miles (no shortcuts here) in about 2 hours. Yes I do walk a lot daily, but I pack all those steps throughout the course of the day - not in 2 hours flat! My feet were fine, it was my left hip/thigh that felt as if it was about to fall off. How did I feel the next day? I was rocking my heels all day long (don't ask me how!!!!!) 

I was fine the next day - back in my heels!

Needless to say, I am so already for next year, already planning to wear more pink than ever. As the motto goes: "big or small - SAVE THEM ALL!

~Evelyn Lugo

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