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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Zest Fruitboost



Sweet indeed! The Zest team was on the right path when they held a launch event at Dylan's Candy Bar (60th & 3rd Avenue location) a few months ago, and it's safe to assume that I was a kid in a candy shop (literally!) Check out a new, fun and fruit-filled way to feel "Zestfully Clean" (and no, you can't eat them, though you may want to, but please don't!) NEW and invigorating Zest FruitBoost Revitalizing Shower Gels - 2 times concentrated for more lather, fragrance and value - up to 40 showers per tube!Plus, they retail around $2.99 each, sweet, right? #ZestFruitboost

New! Zest Fruitboost Revitalizing Shower Gels: Add a boost to your bubble bath with a fruit-filled, scent-stimulating experience. Twice the concentration of your average shower gel, Zest Fruitboost doubles the fragrance and lather, lasting up to 40 showers in every tube.* Rich moisturizers and the antioxidant power of Vitamin C work together to reveal beautiful, nourished skin. Zest Fruitboost is available in five luscious, fruity fragrances and retails for $2.99 at Walmart. With double the lather, you’ll have the best smelling and most bubble filled bath. 

Zest Fruitboost & candy displays at Dylan's Candy Bar 3rd Avenue

FRUITBOOST™ STRAWBERRY KIWI SCENT - a succulent blend of newly ripened wild strawberries and red raspberries. Its watery freshness combines with kiwi fruit with hints of honeydew melon and a sparkling splash of bright citrus.

FRUITBOOST™ VERY BERRY SCENT - a smooth burst of succulent berries combine in this luscious berry filled scent that nourishes your skin leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean™.

FRUITBOOST™ POMEGRANATE ACAI BERRY - juicy pomegranate and luscious acai berries mingle with pulpy red fruits of plum and raspberry that are wrapped in warm woods and creamy musks for an experience that is...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean™.

FRUITBOOST™ PEACH MANGO SCENT - a deliciously sweet scent. An exotic burst of white peach and champagne mango to boost the power of your shower with this wonderfully juicy scent, leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean™.

FRUITBOOST™ CITRUS SPLASH SCENT - the ultimate Citrus fragrance experience. A citrus sparkle with a touch of key lime to boost the power of your shower with an escape to the tropics, leaving you...Fresh. Fruity. Zestfully Clean™.

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