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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Artis GOLD Ltd. Edition


ARTIS ELITE GOLD 10 BRUSH SET AND ELITE GOLD OVAL 7 (available in April for $495 and $75 at ArtisBrush.com): 

Artis continues to celebrate the launch of the newest size brush, the Oval 7, with a limited edition 24K Gold plated version. This remarkably beautiful brush further illustrates the Artis message, that a makeup brush should be a beautiful work of art, while also delivering superior functionality. Since it’s inception, Artis has attracted makeup lovers who realize they can now own makeup brushes that reflect their lifestyle aesthetics. Up until Artis, the only choice of a makeup brush was one with a black wooden cylindrical handle, with a tuft of animal fur stuck on the end. And all brands of conventional makeup brushes looked essentially identical. 

Artis changed all that, and continues to innovate and celebrate the new Golden Age of makeup application. The Elite Gold Limited Editions are adorned with 24k Gold plating, which reflects and enriches every environment in which it is displayed. The Elite Gold Oval 7 and the Elite Gold 10 Brush Set are available at select Artis Elite Retailers, while supplies last. 

Both Artis Elite Gold offerings launch March 15, 2016. Elite Gold Oval 7 - US$ 75.00 and Elite Gold 10 Brush Set - US$ 495.00

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