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Saturday, March 5, 2016


My current 500 ml bkr bottle collection (for now...)

There are many reasons why I love my bkr (it's pronounced "beaker") glass bottles. For starters, I drink a lot of water - like two gallons a day a lot - but my skin thanks me, so it's okay. Gone are the days of drinking out of plastic, so these cute glass and silicone bottles with a food grade polypropylene cap have taken over. What's best, bkr bottles are available in many colors and in three sizes: 250ml (8 oz), 500ml (16 oz) and 1 liter. My latest two (Winter and London) were gifts backstage at NYFW last month.

I know what some of you are thinking: "glass?...is it heavy, but what if it breaks?" Well for starters, glass won't leak chemicals into your water and is BPA and BPA free; bkr bottles are light and very convenient (not to mention fashionable and cute), come wrapped in a silicone sleeve and topped with a convenient handle cap. I break a bkr bottle - it slipped out of my hand as I was replacing the cap - WHAM, hit the concrete spout-first. No biggie, you can buy replacement bottles on www.mybkr.com for $10, $12 or $15 (depending on the size you need.) Caps and other bkr accessories are available for purchase too!

my broken bkr, which was easily replaced!
Just to be clear, I don't name my bkr bottles, the colors have names, lol. I do however switch up my bkr bottles depending on my color mood or outfit and they never disappoint. bkr bottles are celeb favored, definitely loved by many and have been featured in magazines such as: Vogue, Elle, InStyle, People, Cosmopolitan and more (see all here). brk bottle prices vary, they range from $28 - $45. 

Some of my bkr babies
I guarantee you that once you buy one, you won't be done - just look at me! Visit www.mybkr.com for more info, see frequently asked questions, or to pick your bkr!

~Evelyn Lugo

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