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Sunday, March 22, 2015

UPDATE: My Personal Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Bar Experience


If anyone is going to get this Curl~Gurl to rock straight hair, it's REDKEN. Yes there may be "other blow dry bars", but they're not Redken nor Cutler and I haven't let them touch my hair, end of story! Curls are my thing and I can assure you that they will continue to be (rest assured stay tuned.) See, my hair hasn't been straight in nearly two years, so with Redken's NEW Pillow Proof Blow Dry Bar, at the Cutler Salon in Soho - it was long over due (check out my recent post announcing their grand opening here.) I spent my Saturday afternoon enjoying a blowout, courtesy of my pals at REDKEN & Cutler Salon. If you know me, then you know that my hair can get pretty wild, so I decided to walk into Cutler Salon - the same way I woke up. I just had to see if they could "tame my mane" without being scared off. My stylist Jocelyn bravely rocked it!

I woke up like this - so I walked in like that!
Once I arrived, I put my robe on and sat with my stylist Jocelyn for a quick consultation. With the bars "Get it Fast, Make it Last" slogan, I loved how confident she was about making my hair sleek and assured me I would look fab. I got my hair washed, conditioned and she quickly got to work. I normally have my hair set in rollers before it's blown out and that entire process usually takes well over an  hour. She did my hair in half the time; wash, straight to blow dry and it still looks AMAZING - ZERO FRIZZ! I'll keep it this way all week for sure!

My choice was "Sleek For Days" (2nd row, 1st from the right)

REDKEN products used for my blow-out

Now before many of my beloved curl~friends fall back, relax - I can assure you that my curls will be back by the end of the week (change is good once in a while, no?) I did ask to have 3 inches cut off my ends (desperately needed in order to do justice to my new do) and my hair is the longest its ever been... way too long! I had a blast with my stylist Jocelyn, especially when she asked if my hair was the result of 5 years of growth - it's actually 5 MONTHS!

My hair prior to the trim (had to be done!)

"Sleek for Days", more like Sleek for a WEEK - love it!
If you're ready to experience REDKEN'S Pillow Proof Blow Dry Bar at Cutler Salon, book your appointment online anytime at through StyleSeat hereI promise you, you will love it (pffft, just look at the miracle they performed on me, lol!) #EvApproved #RedkenReady 

~Evelyn Lugo

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