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Monday, March 16, 2015

Rethink Clean: Unwash Haircare


Thanks to the new co-wash trend, there's a new movement in hair care, one that cleanses without stripping and leaves your hair more vibrant, manageable and beautiful. Introducing Unwash, an amazing product I have been using (and loving) since January. What is it? It's a new method to clean hair in a more civilized way, gently removing dirt and surface build-up, while locking in moisture, extending the life of your hair color and upholding your hair's natural integrity! 

I was unable to attend this amazing event due to the snow that day (my reps know how bummed I was) so they lovingly sent me all three products in the line: Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse, Bio-Cleansing Conditioner and Hydrating Masque - along with an amazing coffee table book: "Hair: Fashion and Fantasy", for my enjoyment.

Great book with stunning pictures by Laurent Philippon
How did I like Unwash? After testing all three products, my hair looked amazing. The Anti-Residue Rinse really does remove buildup (which is why you only use it "as needed", for when you need an intense cleansing and you'll need the Hydrating Masque afterwards, they work as a pair.) Anti-Residue cleanses, while the Hydrating Masque replenishes moisture to strands. As for the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, you do get lather (which I absolutely need and love) and my hair was hydrated, easily detangled and super manageable. I immediately requested extra bottles!

Refills, love Unwash that much!

Ideal for color-treated hair - for all hair types and texturesConsider it a reset button for your tresses: it rinses away the build-up of styling agents, leave-in products and time. Experience the ph-balanced, anti-residue rinse, a mild, yet effective bio-based cleanser that gently removes the layers of build-up that may be weighing hair down. Lifts away the bad, without stripping away natural oils and moisture to maintain balanced, healthier-looking, more beautiful hair. 
  • Gently removes build-up
  • Protects hair integrity
  • Free of harsh sulfates
  • No parabens

Ideal for color-treated hair - for all hair types and textures. Applying Emulsion Co-Wash Method, this unique formula attracts and removes daily dirt and surface build-up, without stripping hair of its healthy, natural oils. Essential moisture is locked in, to restore balance and promote healthy, smooth hair. Combined with nourishing oils and extracts, hair is left soft, more manageable, free of frizz and full of bounce, body and vibrant natural beauty. 
  • Replaces shampoo
  • Locks in natural oils & color
  • Free of sulfates & parabens
  • Moisturizing, non-stripping cleanser

Ideal for color-treated hair - for all hair types and textures. Reset your hair's moisture balance with this ultra-hydrating and nourishing masque. Applying a systematic approach, restorative natural oils and extracts replenish hair vitality from the inside out. Hair feels softer, smoother and healthier with more body, beauty and shine.
  • Creates intense moisture balance
  • Replenishes lost hydration
  • Free of sulfates & parabens
  • Smoothes & soften 
Be sure to visit Unwash.com for more information and to find select salons for location to purchase. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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