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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 Revlon by Marchesa


As I always say: "Fingertip Fashion" and Revlon wins hands (umm, nails) down! Bring the Runway to your Fingertips with Revlon by Marchesa 2015 Runway Collection. Revlon has revamped their Beauty Tools with TWO NEW LINES you don’t want to miss! 

The much-anticipated new collaboration from Revlon and Marchesa, debuts seven new limited edition high quality beauty tools crafted by co-founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig of the global couture house Marchesa. Inspired by the intricate beading and artistry found in their collections, the three runway-inspired designs and colors add sophistication and glamour to your beauty routine.

The NEW Collection Includes 7 Fashionable Pieces in 3 Color Varieties: ...
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Mini Tweezer Set (SRP $7.49)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Slant Tweezer (SRP $9.99)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Compact Mirror (SRP: $6.99)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection 6 Layered File (SRP: $4.99)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Cuticle Nipper (SRP: $12.00)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Nail Clip (SRP: $4.99)
  • Revlon Marchesa™ Runway Collection Manicure Essentials Kit (SRP: $6.49)
            o Dual-ended Cuticle Trimmer and pusher
            o Nail Clip with curved blade
            o Compact Emery™ File
            o Buffer that creates a high-gloss shine

Go for the Gold with the NEW 
Revlon Gold Series Collection

The most advanced collection from Revlon yet, each beauty tool is coated in titanium to deliver unprecedented strength and durability, ensuring brilliant results, and a custom design for superior precision and performance.

The NEW Collection Includes 8 Premium Tools:
  • Revlon Gold Series Tweezers
  • Revlon Gold Series Point Tweezer (SRP: $12.99)
  • Revlon Gold Series Slant Tweezer (SRP: $12.99)
  • Revlon Gold Series Lighted Slant Tweezer (SRP: $12.99)
  • Revlon Gold Series Slant/Point Tweezer (SRP: $12.99)
  • Revlon Gold Series Nippers (SRP: $15.99)
  • Revlon Gold Series Dual-Ended Nail Clipper (SRP: $ 5.59)
  • Revlon Gold Series Nail File (SRP: $5.49)
  • Revlon Gold Series Lash Curler (SRP: $9.99)
The Revlon Gold Series and Revlon Marchesa Runway Collection can be found at drug/mass retailers nationwide and Revlon.com.

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