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Monday, November 24, 2014

Nail care: Probelle Nail Hardeners


My nails are one of my best accessories and one of the first things you notice, especially since I always have a camera in hand; either taking pictures of products at home, work, or while covering an event. My nails are also natural (no acrylic or wrap - just good ol' polish) so in-between daily polish changes and wear-and-tear, they chip or break constantly and deserve a lot of love (plus I'm also guilty of opening packages using my nails!) 

My preferred "active length", but they grow longer...
...until I break another nail - then they all pay the price!
We're all familiar with the frustration when a nail breaks, especially when its the middle or index finger. At that point, I just cut them all off and start fresh. Other times, one of my nails will start to peel. Sounds familiar? Well, now there is are two amazing nail products that can help your nails grow: Probelle Touchn'Grow Nail Hardeners ($14.00 each)

What is it? An innovative, restorative base nail polish that uses a two-step system to cure, grow and repair nails to a healthier state. The Touch N' Grow original formula cures and strengthens nails while the Touch N' Grow Plus maintains healthy nails. The Touch N' Grow Plus incorporates garlic and lime which have been proven to prevent nails from discoloration and bacteria growth caused by prolonged nail polish wear. Probelle also acts as a durable base coat to give that manicured look for less.

Touch N’Grow Nail Hardeners: FORMULA 1 This unique formula cures, repairs and restores the nail. Specifically created to prevent and correct thin and damaged nails, the hardener creates a natural barrier on the nail which promotes health and builds strength.

Touch N’Grow Nail Harder PLUS: FORMULA 2. This formula is made with garlic and lime which hardens and strengthens the nails, while protecting from fungus. The fusion of lime and garlic within the formula is the key in maintaining hardness and growth while restoring the whiteness of the nail.

I used used Probelle Formula 1 for two weeks, applying daily, either alone or under nail polish and my nails not only grew fast, but super strong: they feel like horse nails! Afterwards, I used Formula 2 to help maintain the strength of my nails. Now I feel confident rocking my nails bare for a couple of days (you have to let your nails breathe, hence my dislike of acrylic on nails.) 

My nails, 2 weeks after "the big chop!" 
About Probelle:
Probelle Founder and CEO Leon Kohn had a big reason to launch his product- he wanted to find a way to help his mother who suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Leon's mother was prescribed medication that stunted her nail growth and made her nails peel and crack. She tried endless nail hardeners and strengtheners, but many ended up hurting her more or just not working at all. Leon came up with a formula that successfully helped rebuild and restore his mother's nails and named it Probelle.

For more information or to purchase your own Touch N'Grow Nail Hardener, please visit: www.pro-belle.com
~Evelyn Lugo

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