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Friday, November 14, 2014

M∙A∙C Technakohl Liners


Audacious new shades of Technakohl Liner are the jewels of the season, delivering vivid colour in a collection of modern metals, pearly pigments, striking neons and bold tones perfect for a new take on the smoky eye. The liner’s enduring formula features a unique combination of plant-derived waxes, providing a soft, comfortable feel, while staying smudge-resistant for up to eight hours. Whatever your style, get ready to line it up!

Suggested Retail Price $16.00 US/$19.00 CAD
Snowed In light peach off-whiteSterling Silver silverRisqué pale beigeBare Asset medium beigeTwinked yellow gold with sparklesBrass Band copper bronze metal$$$ mid-tone gold bronzeAlpha-Grey metal greyCounterfeit silver greyFunfare bright true pinkSourpuss acid greenSkyscape metallic deep sky blueVent metallic limeWhirlpool dark deep blueTake the Plunge deep ocean blueCast Iron elephant greyBishop Blue blue-purpleImage Conscious purpleCool Jazz navy bluePlank deep bronze brownBroque deep brownArmy Style military deep greenClay deep greyRaisinette brown-purpleSteelpoint deep smoky metallic greyMetalhead greyish metal blueSuperfly soft black

These gorgeous liners are premiering online on www.macys.com November 26th and in Macy’s stores on November 27th. Available at all M∙A∙C locations and online on December 11th. 

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