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Monday, November 17, 2014

Cutex® Holiday Nail Gift Guide


I'm all about my "fingertip fashion" which has me changing my nail color daily, so it's no surprise that my nail polish collection keeps growing by the day (over 300 to date!) You can only imagine how much nail polish remover I go through, so with the holidays upon us, I love to dress up my nails for the holidays. It's all about the glitter and sparkles, lush red, sparkly silver and funky green nail art.

My Santa-suit nails last Christmas!

Face it, nail polish is the perfect stocking stuffer idea for any fingertip fashionista on your list (including me, so make sure my stocking is HUGE lol!) Cutex® has been the leading name in nail care since 1911 and has spent the last decade creating innovative nail polish removers to fit every painted finger or toe. Here are a few product stocking stuffer ideas....

Cutex®’s SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover is the most effective remover for gel nails, glitter and hard-to-remove polishes without the damaging effects of pure acetone remover. Cutex®’s SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover combines the power of acetone with the strengthening and nourishing capabilities of Cutex®’s patented natural drying botanical oils including apricot seed, flax seed and parilla oils. Available in 10-ounce bottles. Retails for $4.49

Cutex®’s Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover is the perfect solution saying goodbye to chipped polish and hello to healthy nails! Winner of the 2013 NewBeauty Beauty Choice Awards for The Best Nail Polish Remover, Cutex®’s Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover takes off polish quicker than any other traditional nail polish remover on the market. The patented formula contains botanical oils that strengthens nails and leaves them feeling healthy and clean after just one use. Available in 6-ounce and 10-ounce bottles. Retails for $3.79 for a 6-ounce

Cutex®’s Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads are the fastest path the healthier nails. For the woman on-the-go, these individually wrapped felt pads combine botanical oils with Cutex®’s patented remover formula that strengthens and nourishes nails after just one use. Available in 10 and 3-count packs. Retails for $4.99 for a 10-count pack

Cutex®’s Cotton Ball Holders are the breakthrough product that has nail enthusiasts hooked on the problem-solving beauty gadget. To remove smudges or accent polish without harming already-painted nails, simply place a cotton ball inside the handy rubber cap, saturate it with Cutex® nail polish remover and swipe over nails to remove old polish quickly and effectively. Available in 2-count packs. Retails for $2.49

Cutex®’s Gel Polish Removal Kit is a great way to remove any UV or LED applied gel manicure without damaging one’s nails by soaking in 100 percent acetone for removal. Cutex®’s Gel Polish Removal Kit is a simple, safe and effective way to remove gel polish with the same patented Cutex® formula and botanical oils that Cutex® is known for. By conveniently removing the gel manicure at home, users can care for and protect their nails like never before. Available in 10-count packs. Retails for $9.95

All Cutex products are available at select stores nationwide, as well as online at cutexshop.com. However you dress up your nails for the holiday season, be sure to consider Cutex® nail care products as part of your nail care routine and don't forget to add them to your holiday wishlist!

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