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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Event recap: Kyle Richards, RESTASIS & Chronic Dry Eye Awareness (CDE)


Chronic dry eyes (CDE) and Kyle Richards? Yes, Kyle Richards recently teamed up with Allergan, the makers of RESTASIS® (cyclosporine ophthalmic emulsion 0.05%), to raise awareness of the disease. Back in September, I had a sit-down interview with the TV personality, fashion entrepreneur and star of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” herself (also my long-time hair idol), on the rooftop terrace at Eventi. Turns out, that as many as 25 million people in the United States report suffering from dry eye, as does Kyle. Personally, after multiple visits to three eye different doctors, I learned that I myself suffer from dry eye (singular, as I only wear ONE contact, on my right eye.) I wasn't surprised, as this condition has bothered me for quite some time. Kyle Richards also wears contacts and our sit down interview was interesting, with our discussion covering everything from make-up, wearing contacts (or contact for me), showering with contacts (you shouldn't), constant blinking and of course: HAIR!

Kyle Richards at Eventi, RESTASIS Event
RESTATIS is the only FDA approved medicine that helps your eyes natural ability to produce tears. I knew I had a problem, when after a long day with my contact lens, it would stick to my eyeball (worst feeling ever) and nothing would free it, not even my tears when I panicked - my right eye does not tear as much as my left! I agree, that only wearing one contact lens is odd, but I don't need one in my left eye, as prescriptions differ from glasses to contacts, and my left eye is apparently "good." Also, keep in mind that long periods of computer use, can aggravate the problem, as you blink less. While at the event, we had a picture of our eye taken (just for fun, to show how unique each eye is) and I am convinced that mine looks just like a Bundt cake (yes, this is my right eye!)

Hmm, either a planet, Grand Canyon or a Bundt cake!

Speaking to Kyle Richards and Dr. Christopher E. Starr, M.D., Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, I learned that I am not alone with my concerns regarding make-up, constant blinking and of course, overusing re-wetting drops. I pretty much shocked both Kyle and Christopher, when I told them that I go through an entire bottle of drops weekly (not good at all.) Word to the wise, don't use water to attempt to rinse your eye if it gets dry, it won't lubricate the eye, but rather make it worse due to dirt and bacteria. Both Kyle and I thought that this was a good idea and were both guilty of this bad habit.

Photographer Donnelly Marks captured close-ups of guests eyes

For the first time, Kyle Richards shared her experience, to encourage others to talk to an eye doctor about this health concern and treatment options: “A few years ago, during the filming of the ‘Housewives’ first season, I began to notice that my eyes were bothering me throughout the day. I started stashing artificial tears anywhere I might need them – in my purse and different areas of my house – using them several times a day for temporary relief,” said Kyle. “The condition seemed to worsen over time, so I finally decided to see my eye doctor. I was surprised to find out that my eyes were not producing enough tears, and I had Chronic Dry Eye disease. My doctor prescribed RESTASIS® for me, and after using it daily for six months, I noticed I was making more of my own tears.”

"Yes, I only wear one contact!"
What else did we discuss during our interview session?  
1. Kyle asked Christopher if your eye color can change with age, as she noticed that her eyes are lighter, some days they look green (odd, per Dr. Starr, but possible.)

2. Kyle doesn't like to wear glasses as she feels "older" (hey, I love glasses Kyle, lol) but she wears them at home and has cute ones she wears when necessary.

3. Kyle would blame her chronic dry eyes in the past on her eye makeup, which wasn't the problem. Once diagnosed, she lamented on the countless mascaras she threw out in error.

4. ... and yes, we discussed hair and hair products, as Kyle is a fan and spokesperson for a hair supplement brand which I reviewed a few months ago! 

RESTASIS® is a prescription eye drop used daily, 12 hours apart, twice a day that has helped my patients produce more of their own tears.” To learn more about Kyle’s experience and to find an eye doctor in your area who treats Chronic Dry Eye disease, visit www.Restasis.com/KyleRichards.

~Evelyn Lugo

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