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Friday, June 19, 2015

Skincare: Immunocologie

VITAL CLAY MASK #RefineYourself

I am skincare obsessed, so when I test new skincare products, I make sure to give them at least three weeks, to thoroughly see results and observe how my skin reacts to it. I love the results from using IMMUNOCOLOGIE after attending a private media event last month at The Hudson Hotel. I previewed their NEW Vital Clay Mask and I love how revived my skin felt and looked, after 3 days of using IMMUNOCOLOGIE Exfoliating Lotion ($150), Cleansing Lotion ($65) and their NEW Vital Clay Mask ($220.)

I know what you're thinking" "Ev, you use so many products, why IMMUNOCOLOGIE?" It's a refined collection of skincare designed to treat any skin condition or concern. Formulated with a wealth of nutrient-dense ingredients such as oligopeptides, super antioxidants, nourishing oils, vitamins and minerals. This skincare line bridges an essential gap in luxury skincare by optimizing the relationship between skin health and the immune system.

Absolutely amazing skincare, IMMUNOCOLOGIE is crafted and curated as a beautiful fusion of science, art and preservation - the first immune-conscious skincare company. Through refined product formulas, IMMUNOCOLOGIE sustains and promotes skin health by providing it with the nutrients essential to enhance its natural restorative capabilities, maintain vitality and reinforce its immune response. 

NEW IMMUNOCOLOGIE Vital Clay Mask (100ml $220) a highly enriched mineral clay mask composed of four raw, purified earth clays: Canadian colloidal clay, montmorillonite, illite and kaolin, highly enriched with coppper, magnesium, zinc and calcium. This refining skin mask extracts impurities to refine skin, while restoring hydration and ionic balance to the skin. As it dries on your skin, it identifies dehydrated skin, so you'll see where your skin needs deeper hydration. 

Vital Clay Mask benefits: 
  • Absorbs excess oils, extracts impurities to refine the appearance of pores and skin
  • Visually identifies areas in need of extra hydration
  • Restores ionic balance through Vital Oligo science
  • Provides essential hydration to the skin
  • Calms skin and evens skin tone

IMMUNOCOLOGIE Vital Clay Mask and entire skincare collection is available at immunocologie.com and luxury skincare retailers and spas. 

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