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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

M∙A∙C Giambattista Valli


#MACGBV - Fashion designer Giambattista Valli brings his effortless elegance and luxurious celebration of the female form to a stunning collection of timeless lipsticks. This collection will be available in stores July 9th through August 6, 2015. Be sure to check out the amazing Q&A between M·A·C and Giambattista Valli below, you don't want to miss it! 


$17.50 US / $21.00 CAD

1. BIANCA B - pale white-pink (matte)

2. TATS - bright hot pink (matte)
3. MARGHERITA - yellow bright peach (matte)
4. CHARLOTTE - rich yellow-red (matte)
5. EUGENIE - dark cherry with blue undertone (matte)

Crystal Glaze Gloss
$23.00 US / $27.50 CA

LENA - clear with subtle multicoloured pearl

M·A·C Giambattista Valli Q&A

1. How did you and M·A·C decide on collaborating? Why beauty now?
A: I started working with M·A·C almost 10 years ago and since the beginning they understood and supported my vision as a designer. To celebrate this long standing relationship we thought it would be great to create a collection that was one-of-a-kind, more of a collector’s edition! I’m known for my dresses and with this collection you can dress your lips in Giambattista Valli.

2. What moments in your life inspired you to become a designer?

A: Since I was a child, I always remember holding a coloring pen and sketching. There were very few technological distractions, such as the TV or the internet then. It was a very different moment in time. I would love to look up at the ceiling in my childhood home in Rome and sketch the lines in the wood. I can design everywhere and am constantly surrounded by people and things that inspire me.

3. Why did you choose to focus solely on lip products for the collection? Describe your involvement with the process.
A: Lipstick can revolutionize a woman’s look. A lipstick shade or texture can radically change the way you are feeling in the moment. Makeup not only completes a look, it often makes the look. I love the idea of dressing up your lips in couture colors. The matte, highly pigmented shades are very modern and contemporary for a daytime look and then you can add a touch of the lip glaze over the top for a more sophisticated evening look. 

For me, the process was very similar to creating my clothing collections. The color palette for this collection is the DNA of GBV: reds, pinks, corals. Each color represents pieces of fabric from my dresses and each is inspired by florals and the beauty of a woman. When you are creating a collection, either clothing or makeup, you start with an inspiration, an idea. From there you use that inspiration to start designing the product. Then we play with the products and test them out. We see what works and what doesn’t work. It’s truly a collaborative effort.

4. Describe your sources of inspiration and the creative process.
I always surround myself with people and things that inspire me – from women, to art, to books and travel. When I create, I always have a global woman in mind – a woman from every corner of the world. I imagine a woman’s point of view – a woman who is independent, faithful to herself and has a solid balance of femininity and personality. You often cite various flowers as inspiration. 

5. Are there any particular floral arrangements that inspired this collection?
A: I’ve always liked floral embellishments on clothes and I love to choose my color palette from nature. I am inspired by flowers from all around the world. If I’m in Kyoto, it’s Cherry Blossoms. Sometimes in New York you can see the most beautiful Tulips or in Paris there are roses that feel very Marie Antoinette. I can’t name just one type.

6. How did the color matching packaging come about?
A: I see women carrying 3 or 4 lipsticks in their bag and they have to open each one to see the color and decide which one they want to wear. I love the practicality of matching the packaging to the color so a woman can easily just grab it out of her bag.

7. How did looks from past collections inspire each lipstick and lipgloss?
A: Each of the lipstick colors were inspired by the colors of dresses from my past collections. The colors come from pieces of fabric from each dress.

8. Which shade is your favorite in the collection and why?
A: I can’t name just one! I love them all. There is a shade in the collection for every woman. I love the unexpected so I feel like every woman can wear any of the shades.

9. If you could only describe this collection in one word, what would it be?
A: Passion.

10. How do you compare your creative process for fashion vs. beauty?

A: It is very similar. You start with your inspiration that then turns into the idea for the product, whether it is a dress or a lipstick. From there you think about the textures – types of fabric for a dress and types of finish for a lipstick. Once you have the products you test them out. You see what works and what doesn’t to then decide on the final product.

11. What are the beauty rules you believe every woman should follow?
A: I believe every woman should be faithful to herself. I believe beauty is not a physical statement, it’s a mental position. I love confidence and a woman who isn’t afraid to leave her mark with a kiss!

12. Who is the Giambattista Valli woman?
A: The Giambattista Valli woman is independent, unique and balanced. She knows who she is and isn’t afraid to experiment with her look.. Women today are much more conscious about the power of beauty and creativity. I love a woman who is confident in herself.

13. What does beauty mean to you?
A: Beauty is harmonious to me. Beauty is about having balance.

14. How do you anticipate the Giambattista Valli women responding to your collection with MAC?
A: Hopefully they will be hysterical! I love the idea of each Valli girl having a shade that works for them!

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