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Monday, June 22, 2015

Dove GovBall2015


If there is one brand that absolutely melts me and I can't live without, it's Dove. From their hair products (can't go wrong with their Quench Absolute curl collection), to their amazing body washes, beauty bars (my bliss over 20 years) and deodorants; it's safe to say that I am a Dove gal, from head to toe. A couple of weeks ago I had the ultimate pleasure of hanging with Dove all-day Saturday, VIP at the GovBallNYC (Governors Ball 2015) on Randall's Island. Given their creative, knock 'em dead marketing, I knew this would be great and was eager to see what the team had in store for us. I was raring to go from the moment I stepped onto the private bus at 9:00 am (very nice, with wi-fi and charging outlets at every seat), until the festival ended later that night at 11:30 pm (and yes, my outfit matched the Dove #RevitalizeMe theme. Be sure to check out my review on their new scent here .

I love Dove!
Despite heavy rain the days before, the Dove team was ready: a private, covered cabana (my home the entire day), with the best view ever right by the main stage. They also provided umbrellas and ponchos (in case in rained..it didn't), for those who chose to venture out. I had no desire to leave, I was comfy in my humble abode, lol. Lucky for us, it only rained on our way to GovBallNYC in the morning, so we had amazing, sunny weather all day. A day filled with flower crowns, flash tattoos, unlimited drinks, treats (and of course, tons of food - they fed us WELL, a plus in my book); the VIP treatment Dove provided was anything short of royal - they can adopt me any day

I was ready for the mud with mini rain boots!

Dove cabana at GovBallNYC

I wasted absolutely no time getting comfortable...
People watching was hilarious
View from my comfy cabana spot
With tons of laughs and music throughout the day, Dove kept us entertained with a Lulu DK flash tattoo station (we went in on those as soon as we arrived. My fave were the "love" tats in silver), mandarin scented bubble necklaces and a mani station - perfect for my NOTD (nail of the day) obsession.

Dove shaped cookies and brownies, yes please!

Even my Alex and Ani bangles enjoyed GovBallNYC
Oh... and at some point I got my hands on bubble guns

At night, I pulled out a light-up flower crown from my bag...
Best time ever! This lighted flower headband by
Mia Flashion Flowers ($19.99) MiaBeauty.com

Without a doubt, Dove had the best cabana (seriously, dudes tried to crash) at GovBallNYC and I was more than honored to be there with the brand. Once the music festival wrapped for the night, Dove was cool enough to provide ferry tickets and UBER to get us home. I am ready for the next GovBallNYC - bring it on! 

~Evelyn Lugo

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