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Sunday, June 14, 2015

NEW L'Occitane Men


Listen up dolls, L’OCCITANE launched CEDRAT, a complete men’s grooming, skincare and body care collection on June 8th, perfect for all the important men in your life: dad, dude, brother or guy pal. With sleek yellow and gray packaging, a light citrus scent, and refreshing, energizing effects, these new products are a great hybrid for guys and girls, too.  


Pure Cleanser Energizing Scrub ($22) - 150ml: cleanses the skin with natural exfoliating particles derived from lemon rind to effectively remove impurities and dead skin cells for a more refined texture. Skin will appear clean, soft and purified. Lather on wet skin with an emphasis on the T-zone.

Face Gel ($42) - 50ml: a multi-benefit moisturizer that helps to refine skin texture, neutralize excess sebum, and visibly reduce signs of fatigue. Its light, gel texture is quickly absorbed, leaving skin matte, clear and fresh. Apply daily on a cleansed face.

Shaving Gel ($20) - 150ml: this fresh gel transforms into silky foam for a precise andcomfortable shave for all types of facial hair. It protects skin from the razor blade and helpsreduce the sensations of irritation and tightness, leaving skin clear, soft and energized.Lather on wet skin, shave and rinse thoroughly.

After-Shave Gel ($34) - 75ml: this soothing gel helps to hydrate and soothe skin after ashave. It helps to reduce feelings of irritation and tightness caused by shaving, while helpingto tone and protect skin from external aggressions. Apply on the face and neck after shaving.

Cedrat Body Care & Fragrance Products

L’OCCITANE Cedrat conveys a fresh, delicate, citrus fragrance that is light, yet refined for a perfect masculine balance. From the wood family, users will experience head notes of bergamot and citrus, heart notes of nutmeg and blue ginger, and lastly, base notes of cedar and cashmere wood.

Bergamot - a citrus and sour tang with fruit-like nuances
Nutmeg - a cinnamon bouquet with softer, sweeter tones
Blue Ginger - a sharp and bracing yet light odor
Cedar - a dry, woodsy, aromatic note
Cashmere Wood - a spicy, earth-like aroma with a velvet touch

Eau de Toilette ($58) - 100ml: a flask-style bottle featuring lacquered, colored glass resembles the appearance and freshness of the cedrat fruit, while the silver label adds a chic and elegant touch. Spritz on body as often as desired to achieve a delicate, citrus fragrance that perfumes the body.

Stick Deodorant ($18) - 75g: this round, perfectly sized, stick deodorant, glides easily overthe skin without leaving any traces. Designed to prevent unpleasant body odors, it dries fastto provide a feeling of freshness, and helps to perfume the skin with energizing notes ofcedrat, with an alcohol and aluminum-free, non-sticky formula.
Shower Gel ($20) - 250ml: a multi- purpose, one step shower gel for the body and hair thatgently cleanses while leaving a fresh, masculine scent that leaves a woody wake. Enrichedwith organic Corsican cedrat extract for its energizing properties, lather with water toinvigorate skin and bring suppleness and shine to hair.
Body Soap ($7) - 100g: formulated with a soft vegetal base, this body soap cleanses and perfumes the skin with fresh energizing notes.

L’OCCITANE Cedrat men’s grooming, skincare and body care collection is available at boutiques nationwide and online at usa.loccitane.com .

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