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Monday, May 25, 2015

Still Standing Spray


Calling all my "Sole-Sistas who don't mind Suffering for Stilettos & prefer High-Heel Heaven!" We know that there are times when flats just won't cut it and we refuse to say no to our stunning sky-high heels or stilettos, even if that means suffering for fashion (come on, admit it.) Well here is a revolutionary product, the first to stop stiletto suffering BEFORE it starts: Still Standing Spray ($27.99 for a 6 fl oz, and free mini 15 ml mini.) No, it doesn't numb your feet, simply prevents discomfort before it starts. Relief lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours (my feet felt fine about 3 hours straight - no sitting, so I love it!) Reps sent me this amazing product just in time, so I test-drove it at a recent magazine event. Wearing heels isn't a problem for me - it's my 20-something pound purse, that put pressure on my feet, causing pain. The perfect purse-size spray came in handy for a touch-up when I started to feel discomfort. I proudly rocked my 5-inch heels all evening, pain-free. 

Magazine event at One World Trade Center

Eco-friendly, non-aerosol, stainless, color-less and grease-less; Still Standing Spray is formulated with three herbal remedies: cooling menthol (scent vanishes a few minutes after spraying), Eco-distilled™ organic arnica, aloe and ilex (natural anti-inflammatory.) This formula was designed to keep your feet feeling just as good as when you first put your shoes on. To use: **Your shoes must fit perfect, in order for Still Standing to work, won't prevent pain from too-tight shoes.** Spray the top, sides and bottom of each foot and allow area to dry before putting on your heels. Works with bare skin and sheer stockings, so spray away! 

Still Standing Spray is available at www.stillstandingspray.com . 

~Evelyn Lugo

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