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Monday, May 18, 2015



Believe in botox? (I don't, just can't get past the needles to the face, so any beauty product that will keep me from ever using it, is a winner in my book.) Well forget the needles and get ready to meet your new skin care obsession, a true game-changing, beauty arsenal in the fight against aging. From former Estée Lauder Chief Scientist Jules Zecchino: introducing Erasa XEP30, an alternative to botox launching exclusively online today! Erasa XEP30 by BioMimetics Labs features an exclusive active XEP-30, which eliminates wrinkles by more than 70 percent in 14 days, for a lot less (retails for $160) and is non-evasive, unlike Botox. You can effectively fight visible signs of aging with a luxurious concentrate that works on your entire face and combines exclusive ingredients clinically proven to address all signs of aging.
Erasa XEP30

Skincare is absolutely everything to me, surprisingly enough my place filled with many amazing beauty products I believe in, many created by Jules Zecchino. Erasa is by far Jule's greatest creation and I am absolutely ecstatic with the launch of his new "miracle in a bottle!" Erasa combines best-in-class anti-wrinkle technology with proprietary and patented actives that stimulate the skin’s natural power to rejuvenate. Jules was the master responsible for many life-changing beauty products we relied on to treat, fix and protect our skin. Let's take a look at Jule's "Greatest Collection of Hits" in the cosmetics industry: ...

  • Former Chief Scientist and Head of Innovations and Applied Research at Estée Lauder for 18 years and primarily responsible for formulating ingredients and products that grossed billions of dollars in revenue. 
  • Awarded the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d'Excellence (the beauty industry's Oscar) award an unprecedented five years in a row.

Erasa XEP30: 

1. It features an exclusive active, XEP-30, which was created by Activen, a Swiss biotechnology company (this is the better, stronger version of XEP-18 a.k.a. snail venom)

2. BioMimetics Labs created a patent-pending delivery system that makes sure the actives penetrate deeply to do their job

3. Independent clinical lab tests show results never-before-seen in a topical (74% wrinkle reduction, 74% pore reduction, 99% shine reduction - see attached comparison doc for details)

4. Erasa XEP30 treats the whole face, instead of just one area, solving a lot of problems with one concentrate

5. Erasa XEP30 smells and feels nice, unlike other “botox-killers” 

While that is still a valid data point we now have results that are more comprehensive across the data set.
  • We can report an average of 64% instead of one point
  • We can report that 42% of the sample have wrinkle reduction greater than 70%
  • We can report that the top quartile has wrinkle reduction greater than 90%
  • We can report that the best achieved reduction was 99% for one participant 

Click here for more results on the amazing Erasa XEP30.  

Erasa XEP30 is available online only at www.Erasaskincare.com and retails for $160. 

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