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Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21st Bday Time!

Took my sweet time on that wish...
May 21st at the stroke of midnight, I blew out the candles on my delicious chocolate and raspberry cake, while making that special wish (c'mon now..can't tell you.) Now while many women cringe at the thought of saying their age past 29, (I simply don't get that. I don't care and made sure that they got me the number candles for all to see.) Why? Pffft, I feel great and my skin has been very kind to me: I'm proud to say I'm 38 years young! 

My beauty "secrets" remain the same, year after year: 
I drink 2 (sometimes more) of these a day
  1. Never smoke (I never ever have)
  2. Get tons of sleep (9-10 hours is a must for me, or I don't like myself in the morning) Clubbing? Not this gal, I've always preferred "club bed, with DJ pillow - rocking the remote." (My skin and eyes thank me for skipping all the late nights)
  3. 2 gallons of water daily (your bladder will adjust, just call yourself "Seabiscuit" in the beginning)
  4. Don't mess with my face (sorry, no Botox!) Great skincare helps (much love to all my skincare reps and brands for spoiling me rotten) 
  5. TONS of sunscreen ALL.YEAR.ROUND (rain or shine!)
  6. I prefer my skin make-up free (sorry, no foundation..makes my skin itch) Besides, why cover my fab freckles?
  7. Oh and most importantly: NO STRESS (my motto: no muss, no fuss - Smiles 4 Miles!) 
One things for sure: you couldn't pay me to relive my 20's all over again. NO THANKS! So here's to the next 38...

~Evelyn Lugo

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