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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hottest Hair Tools

T3 Bodywaver, Shower Filter, Cortisio Premium Ceramic Styler KareCo Brushes & SPIRIT by EmiJay ties

It's no secret that I KNOW HAIR - I'm practically 70% hair, so hair tools go hand-in-hand and I always gotta have the best for my hair. Whether I'm rocking it straight or curly, it's not only about the shampoo, conditioner and gel, but also the tools "behind the scenes" that help me achieve my best hair look ever. It's starts from the shower. NO, not the shampoo, but a SHOWER FILTER itself.


Fits all shower heads, removes 95% of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell), Iron oxide (rust), dirt and sediment. Has 8 spray settings and a built-in filtration system. Great if you have hard-water! Lasts about 6 month (at least for me) before you need to replace the cartridge. www.T3micro.com

Kaleidoscope ($250) & Metallic Blue ($225) Ceramic Stylers
This Curl~Gurl found a ceramic flat iron that not only made my hair silky smooth, but shiny as well. With a 450° max temperature, ionic black tourmaline gemstones and floating plates to prevent stress to hair folicles, Cortisio truly works to "tame your mane!" I have owned 5 different flat irons and none have done the job as well as Cortisio has. *UPDATE* Get your Cortisio at Ricky's NYC, at a special price of $69.99 here: CORTISIO at Ricky's NYC

My daughter Jaylyn
Me, EvCurlGurl before & after

Cortisio sent me their ceramic styler, but my daughter fell in love with the fun pink print and instantly took over it. They even made us honorary #Cortisiogirls (check out their Facebook/Cortisio and Twitter @cortisiohair and be sure to follow them. Available in many stylish designs and colors, that my daughter took my pink Cortisio styler, (reps sending me a blue one - my favorite color.)

Now if you doubt the power of Cortisio, let my BEFORE pictures be the judge and jury! Get yours at www.cortisio.com . 

T3 Bodywaver $149

HUGE 1.75" barrel, gorgeous white ceramic barrel

Once I straightened my hair, after about a week I craved waves, so I enlisted the help of T3's Bodywaver. Perfect for short hair, medium length or long hair, the T3 Bodywaver can create a many styles, such as: curved under finish, smooth & flipped out, volume with waves, touseled loose waves, straight with rolled ends and polished waves. It all depends on the angle you use it. www.www.t3micro.com


KareCo Salon Brushes ($12 / $11) 
Small round thermal brush & 9-row Styling brush

Believe it or not, I actually DO comb my hair - when it's straight that it. KareCo has been the professional stylist's choice for 12 years and help eliminate frizz and static fly-aways. I've had my share of brushes that melt with the heat of my blow dry (expensive ones too.) These are heat-resistant with ball-tipped nylon bristles that easily glide through hair. Small round thermal brush: 2.0" speeds up drying time,  rehydrates, reconditions and restores hairs natural balance. 9-Row Styling Brush: Perfect for combing wet hair, detangling or blowdrying by breaking down water molecules for faster drying time. Available at Walmart, www.walmart.com and www.kareco.com


Crimson/houndstooth $7, Headband $11, Black/Gold Chevron $7

Hair ties are now also fashion statements and can be seen on the wrists of many celebs and gals alike, ready for a quick ponytail. Hair ties are also a cool way to show your team spirit for: universities, sororities, schools and sports teams. Inspired by their passion for fashion, Emi-Jay was created by two teenage entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne.

Emi-Jay also gives back to the community, by donating 20% of their profits to charity. Tons of cool prints and colors! Check them out at: www.emi-jay.com

ROLL TIDE! I always have a knot hair tie on my wrist READY to pick up my hair!

~Evelyn Lugo

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