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Monday, December 23, 2013

PREVIEW: Spray Thin - Appetite Suppressant Spray


Savory and Sweet Spray Thin

Now THIS, I have to try. All those who know me: friends, family, even readers, KNOW just how much I eat; ALL THE TIME , ALL DAY, EVERYDAY (linebackers have NOTHING on me!) I may not weigh 100 lbs (still well under 140) BUT I eat well over 8 LARGE meals a day, with my doctor baffled - even surprised that my cholesterol is perfect and I'm in good health. Thank goodness I'm very active - I log well over 14,000 steps A DAY!

I can eat...

but some still look fit.
When I received Spray Thin Appetite Suppressant Sprays in savory and sweet ($29.95 each, dual pack is $49.95) I figured I would spray my mouth, just to taste it. Well, wrong move as you're supposed to spray your food during meals and not your mouth. Spray Thin is a specifically designed and produced scent that stimulates your brain during eating, which helps you stop eating sooner. 

Available in 2 flavor sprays: Sweet and Savory, which are sprayed on meals and snacks. Savory is parmesan scented, for use on savory and salty foods. The TRUE TEST, will be once your Curl~friend Ev right here, so stay tuned for a follow-up review in a few weeks (I want to thoroughly test it.) Spray Thin is available at www.spraythin.com

~Evelyn Lugo

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