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Friday, December 6, 2013

Clinique CLASSIC 3-step and more..



 Between beauty routines, all the make-up, stress and daily environmental pollutants, one product that definitely calms my skin, is CLINIQUE. What gal doesn't needs a little CLINIQUE? Shockingly ME. Believe it or not, I didn't use CLINIQUE until this past year (I know, where the heck was I??) Well, I have really tricky, sensitive skin that even though I don't break out, my skin can dry out or worse - blister in a rash, if a product is too harsh. There are days when I hide from make-up, and let CLINIQUE pamper my face (really, I go rogue!)

                                          Make-up FREE is sometimes, the way to be! 

CLINIQUE came to the rescue and I tried their world famous 3-Step Program
(Cleanse - mild combination skin liquid facial soap $16.20 6.7 fl. oz, Exfoliate - clarifying lotion 2 for dry combination skin $13.00 6.7 oz and Moisturize - dramatically different moisturizing gel $26 4.2 oz.) I also received their Moisture Surge gel-creme, "extended thirst relief". Being that I test so many beauty products, I love how CLINIQUE is super soft and gentle, while removing all the dirt and grime accumulated throughout the day.

3-Step Program for dry-combination skin
The Liquid Facial Soap in "mild" (Step 1) at first seemed to me as if it wouldn't get the job done, but I was so wrong. It removed all traces of oil and make-up and left my face very smooth. NOW, I tend to stay away from astringents, but CLINIQUE'S Clarifying Lotion just tingled and finished removing all residue left behind by the cleaner. My skin feel "squeaky-clean" without the tightness and dryness one would expect. The "dramatically different moisturizing gel" I received, is for oily/combination skin, which I found out I have (forehead, nose.) I would stay away from lotions, fearing it would make me break out. I would only end up with dry skin.

What about the eyes? Well, after a grueling Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past September, CLINIQUE once again made sure that I remained refreshed, rested-looking and puff-free! (check out my review on BeautyStat.com: http://www.beautystat.com/2014-best-fashion-week-survival)

All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage $28

All about the eyes, Take the day off, moisture surge spray,
dramatically different  moisture lotion and moisture surge
NOW, you will find CLINIQUE in my bathroom always! CLINIQUE is available at Clinique.com and at major department stores. Visit a counter for your personalized consultation.

~Evelyn Lugo

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