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Monday, December 23, 2013

REDKEN Shampoo for MEN

REDKEN For Men Full-Impact Bodifying Shampoo

I'm sure I'm not alone: have you ever had either your husband, boyfriend, brother or any male relative for that matter, use your favorite (or worse) very expensive shampoo, when he doesn't even need it? Well I once told my brother that a bar of soap rubbed on his shaved, bald head, would suffice!

Well, lucky for many ladies out there, if your man isn't bald but rather wants to save his fine or thinning hair, this is just for him: REDKEN full impact bodifying shampoo ($12 10.1 oz.), which gives volume or for those with thinning hair, thickening formula with REDKEN'S innovated, patented Intra-Cylane® and protein. 

INTRA-CYLANE® = Richness & Fullness


PROTEIN                = HELPS Reinforce The Hair

To useLather in hands, massage on hair for one minute and rinse. Massaging for one minute will maximize the thickening, volumizing benefits - for best result. 

Smells great, highly cleansing, with a foaming surfactant for that thoroughly clean result. When used daily, REDKEN full impact bodifying shampoo help make his strands more disciplined, with fiber density d fullness reinforced. In fact, REDKEN has an entire hair care line formulated just for men, depending on his needs: 

Help him "get into the thick of it" by saying hello to thicker, richer, fuller hair! I'm all about the hair and so should he! Available at REDKEN salons or go to Redken.com for locations. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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