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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays with Healthy, Homemade Pet Treats

Chewy is such a good sport, though some think he's just given up..

Taking a break from "beauty", your Curl~Gurl" is shifting gears and discussing PETS! As a Beauty Editor, you'd be very surprised that I get tons of products for review, that aren't just for me. Lately I've been slammed with items for men and dogs, thanks to  my pioneering efforts of dressing Chewy up and posting pictures on social media. He's a great sport, so I torture my lil guy with costumes, for EVERY occasion:

If there's a theme, Chewy "gets it!" 
The holidays are a time for cheer, family and of course SHOPPING! We must not (and cannot) forget our beloved "fur~babies", as they too are family. I don't mean by forgetting their gifts, but rather since we're busy entertaining, shopping and gift wrapping, it's essential to be careful, (especially for cat owners) as they tend to play with boxes. You don't wanna accidentally ship Fluffy, lol.

Baby cousin decorating Chewy with ornaments

When I'm reviewing and photographing products, Chewy always photo-bombs. I have to crop his ear out of nearly every pic! Even worse: they can eat tinsel, bows and if you're very creative with your gift-wrapping, as I am (I have glue guns and serrated wrapping paper cutters) they can get hurt! I've always said that "Chewy" was half cat as I don't understand the things he does sometimes. 

He decided to take a nap while I was reviewing items...
Chewy is MY dog, so he must rock curls too!

What better way to treat your furry friend, than to give them the perfect, HEALTHY treat? They are I Heart My Dog - all natural, handmade baked treats. They come in flavors like: peanut butter/pumpkin, peanut butter/banana, and apple/oats. I connected with Lori Lewis, who stared this business for her own dog, through a mutual friend Marilyn. Lori became concerned with the manufactured treats and decided that she wanted to control what her dog was consuming, since Lori had no idea what was going into the store treats. Super cute (heart-shaped, bones) so she posted a picture on Facebook: i Heart My Dog Treats and they spread like wildfire!

homemade, baked - cut by hand! 
Requests poured in and Lori was invited to the local farmer's market last summer. Made in her very own kitchen and cut by hand. Now, I warned Lori before she sent me samples for Chewy, that he was a very picky eater, to not go nuts sending me treats - and again, I was wrong. Chewy ate them all as I was trying to photograph them with him!

Chewy LOVED "I heart my Dog Treats"

Small size (like what Lori sent chewy) are: $2 for a pack of 10 and $5 for a pack of 25. Or the large size which is twice the size are $4 for a pack of 10 and $10 for a pack of 25.They can be ordered through Lori's Facebook page or by emailing her at loribee.lewis@gmail.com Priority flat rate shipping is also available!

~Evelyn Lugo

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