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Monday, December 16, 2013

American Hustle: HAIR

American Hustle & 70's Hair Bustle

This 70's baby (I was born in '77) can't get enough of the hair in American Hustle, particularly Amy Adams (curl~gurl, duh.) Why?, well for obvious reasons AND the fact that is quite simple: wash & go! This film had me focused more on the hair, than the actual wardrobe!

I personally love both of Amy Adams hair looks: curls and waves. When I don't want to wear my hair curly (aka wet-look), I go for a softer curl look, so I do just doing rollers, combing out the curls and blow-drying only the roots:
Me, EvCurlGurl rocking my roller waves
Amy Adams is rocking those lose waves
Another fab look is Jennifer Lawrence's sophisticated (not that curls aren't classy) and very high) up-do: tons of volume, pinned-up, with lose cascading waves. The head of the hair department for American Hustle Katherine Gordon, did confirm that Jennifer donned a wig for the film,which I pretty much figured out (still looked great.)

Sophisticated and Sexy, with cascading curls...
..or pinned up completely - with height and volume!

Now, we can't leave out the men, can we? Remember that the 70's was all about the beards, mustaches and even "perm curls" like Bradley Cooper or Christian Bale's "Comb-over" (love it, lol!) 

~Evelyn Lugo