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Sunday, December 15, 2013

bella j.™ Candles: Unlock a Special $10,000 Treasure

Bella J - A treasure in every candle worth up to $1,000 
a few worth $10,000!

I love candles and also love accessories, so when I heard about bella j. launching, I was thrilled! bella j.  ($24.99 10.5 oz of soy paraffin wax poured in California) is a cool collection of 8 colorful and delicious smelling candles (sold separately), that contain a hidden treasure: a stylish and chic charm inside the wax, either on a bracelet or necklace. Charms inside your bella j. candle range anywhere from $10 to $1,000 AND a few LUCKY customers (10 I believe) candle will contain an extraordinary jewel that is worth a whopping 10,000! 

As your candle burns, you start to see a piece of your collectible jewelry inside. To remove your treasure, simply use tweezers - not your fingers, and unwrap your prize. These candles are HUGE(10.5 oz), a plus that I look for whenever I purchase candles.  

 (please be careful and NEVER leave any candle unattended!

The bella j. candle launch party was amazing, complete with gorgeous decorations and sweets!

A few of the charms hidden inside your bella j. candle
$10,000 Pendant hidden inside a few lucky candles!
You can purchase your bella j. candle by visiting www.bellaj.com. I decided to take my daughter Jaylyn along with me to the event, to show her what I do especially since she is "J" and truly bella (beautiful in Spanish) Well, she went straight for the candy, didn't help me much and was well, a kid. See for yourself: 

My very own "Bella J"

We all took home special charms
 I can't honestly say I have a favorite, as every one smelled amazingly yummy! Here are the 8 amazing candles, in the bella j. collection $24.99 each: 

~Evelyn Lugo

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