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Monday, January 13, 2014

WooHoo for your Hoohoo: Natural Feminine Care for A Healthy HooHoo

Healthy hoohoo: Gentle VEGAN care, for down there!

Okay, let's shift gears for a bit. We all know that with me, there is no topic I won't discuss or product I won't test! With that said, every gal out there KNOWS that "care down there" is important! Well, how about gentle, pH balanced feminine cleansing products, that are FREE of: parabens, alcohol, sulfates, dyes, fragrance, Gluten AND are Vegan?

Healthy Hoohoo is created for women of ALL AGES with no harsh chemicals, actually gentle and ultra-mild, with a touch of aloe for moisturizing cleansing. Basically as gentle as water. The 3 products in the Healthy Hoohoo line are: Feminine Foaming Cleanser ($13.99), Gentle Feminine Wash ($12.99) and Natural Feminine Wipes ($4.79 travel pack of 10 wipes.)

Feminine Foaming Cleanser (fluffy & foamy - love it!)
Gentle Feminine Wash (super gentle - feels like water!)

(I sampled the wash in smaller size)

Feminine Wipes (refreshing & gentle)
These wipes are revolutionary in their simplicity to a woman's body, and are great for travel, camping, yoga or after a fun day at the beach. Healthy Hoohoo's wipes are fragrance and gluten-free and gently removes odor causing bacteria. Wipe some freshness on your most precious parts with these soft and gentle wipes. Healthy Hoohoo is ideal for personal hygiene and they’re perfectly portable on-the-go/last-minute refresher wipes!


Aloe - moisturizing and skin conditioning

Green Tea - cleansing and detoxification

Cucumber Extract - skin conditioning

Pomegranate Extract - anti-bacterial and skin conditioning
Tested on gal pals, not animals" and is Leaping Bunny" certified! 

Your hoohoo is out of balance when its: itchy, has odor, you feel pain during sex or have abnormal discharge. Sulfates don't help, as they throw your ph balance out of whack. 
 It only takes seconds for chemicals in products to enter your bloodstream, so steer clear! You can find great tips on Healthy Hoohoo here: Hoohoo Monologues . It's simple: 

PARABENS = PRESERVATIVES (irritants associated with the rise in breast cancer.)

My Healthy Hoohoo haul

Also, check out great Take care of your daily routine with Healthy Hoohoo, available for purchase at www.healthyhoohoo.com.

~Evelyn Lugo

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