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Sunday, January 5, 2014

NAILS: The New Black with Demi Lovato

The New Black collaborates with 
Demi Lovato on 5 Nail Kits

Pic credit: ULTA.com
It has been said that style is a simple way of saying complex things. Demi Lovato is known for her stylish, edgy, ultra-cool nail wardrobe, that's not just stunning as it is breathtaking, but constantly updated! Demi's "fingertip-fashion" has always fascinated me, so you can imagine how excited I was that she teamed up with The New Black, to launch FIVE nail sets (two 5-piece and three 3-piece): In Love, Safari, Studded, Shattered and Stylized.

Launched this past November, The New Black teamed up with Demi Lovato to release five nail art sets. Originally sold at Ulta.com, they've since sold out. But don't worry, they are still available at Ulta stores and online here: www.thenewblack.tv. I test drove three of Demi's fabulous nail kits. 

In Love, Shattered and Stylized

Quick drying and long-lasting formulas, armed with studs that can easily be applied (I used my fingers or a toothpick.)The New Black polishes are free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP. Affordable nail sets that not only look great and fun, but are safe for sensitive skin and are super easy to apply.The New Black 5 nail kits, let's check them out:

In Love: ($22) My fave set and also very popular! 5-piece set, shades of violet with metallic foil polish and clear crystal rhinestone studs. See online

Stylized: ($14) This stylish 3-piece polish set is inspired by Demi’s ultra-cool manicures. Cream and black polish, with mini gold pyramid studs that give a 3-D effect. Buy online

Shattered: ($14) So simply to achieve earth-shattering results without a lot of fuss! It is all here: 3-piece set of black polish, textured gold leaf foil and gold pyramid studs. Buy online

I didn't get the chance to review the other two nail kits: Safari and Studded, but will get my claws on them pretty soon. That doesn't mean I can't preview it here, does it? Here they are:

Safari: ($22) Pure wildlife and animal magnetism, this 5-piece nail set includes chip-resistant polishes with: textured gold, ivory tusk, elephant hide, and silver metal - all set off against parrot green. Buy online

Studded: ($14) Described at wearable but edgy (just like Demi Lovato.) 3-piece set includes a rich gray polish, caviar beads and a topcoat. This perfect neutral accessory duo still makes a statement. Buy online

Which mani did I chose? I went with SHATTERED: painted my nails black, gold stud in the center by my cuticles and finished off with gold leaf on the tips!

~Evelyn Lugo