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Monday, January 27, 2014

ChapStick's NEW 8 Hour Hydration Lock & Olympic Gold Medalist & Soccer Star ALEX MORGAN

ChapStick LIP TIPS with a KICK: 
Olympic GOLD Medalist/Soccer Star/ChapStick Spokesperson ALEX MORGAN & Renowned Dermatologist Dr. Melanie Grossman

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an event at Chelsea Piers Field House, for ChapStick! This one was a special event all alright, as it was with the face (er, rather lips) of ChapStickOlympic Gold Medalist and soccer star Alex Morgan, renowned Dermatologist (co-inventor of laser hair remover) Dr. Melanie Grossman and  Z100's Bethany Watson! For those who don't know, Alex Morgan has been announced as ChapStick's new spokesperson. Alex herself said that she is a long-time ChapStick loyalist, using it since she was a little girl. 

Alex Morgan

Dr. Melanie Grossman giving lip care tips...
Z100's Bethany Watson sharing her Chapstick stories.
Lip care is something I take very serious (aside from my hair, they take up most of my face, lol) and Chapstick has been around since the early 1880's! Though some may think it's "old-school", Chapstick has evolved to include a large selection of protection and flavors, while including the Classics that many still love. I'm not just saying this because I attended the event, I actually love the Candy Cane (limited edition) as I love anything minty for my lips. There was literally a buffet of ChapStick - I went NUTS! Invited media guests were encouraged to bring their children, so that they could get soccer tips and a few kicks with Alex Morgan. 

My lips should be covered now...

They said "grab a few", so Bethany & I did just that (Shhhh, we cleaned house, lol!

The star of the Chapstick event, was the NEW Chapstick Hydration Lock, (Vanilla Creme flavor, retails $2.49 -$2.99) which is clinically proven to moisturize lips, revitalizes and visibly improves their appearance - keeping lips hydrated for a full eight hours! Formulated with CoQ10, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Spheres (support soft, supple, fuller lips) and Natural Botanical Extracts
Hydration Lock ChapStick

My very good Curl~friend and fellow Editor Nicole Gordon Levine, was also at the event and it was great having there. Nicole had a very good one-to-one with Dr. Melanie Grossman. 

Nicole had a deep skin care convo with Dr. Grossman...
...which turned into blogger beauty tips: ChapStick as makeup primer!

(singing) "..and you know, we're on each other's team!"
Check her out: Beautyisouraddiction.com 

Dr. Melanie Grossman also gave all of us very important lip tips as the skin on your lips are the thinnest on your entire body, hence more susceptible to damage. Our lips visibly age as well and factors like: coffee, wine, salty or acidic foods, licking/nibbling (guilty) can irritate and dry out your lips even more. Drinking lots of water is recommended as it can help in keeping you as well as your lips hydrated. Here are some before/after pictures using Hydration Lock and how lips change (and thin) with age: 

Here are a couple of other new goodies, from ChapStick: 

ChapStick ULTRA SPF 30 (retails $1.99 - $2.39 and is available in Lemon-Lime flavor) Contains SPF 30 to protect from the sun's damaging UVA/UBV rays, while also defending against the drying effects of wind and cold weather. 

ChapStick mixstix: (retails $2.99 - $3.99, available in: Lemon Berry Sorbet, Strawberry Banana Smoothie & Crisp Green Apple Caramel.) NEW ULTRA-HYDRATING two-sided lip balm, that offers one flavor on each side that can be used alone, or mixed to make a third unique combination! 
It's safe to say that my lips are going to be very well taken care of and I give kudos to Chapstick for not only an amazing fun-filled event, but for all the lip tips I learned and new products I am now well aware of. Getting Alex Morgan to autograph a mini soccer ball and picture for me was the icing on the cake! 

My keepsake from Alex Morgan
~Evelyn Lugo

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