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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year, NEW outlook - NO RESOLUTIONS!

Happy New Year from my "Fur~Baby"

My curly hair is who I am: stunning, wild and free! My hair could be a frizzy wreck and I never do the WALK OF SHAME, but rather I STRIDE WITH PRIDE - it's MY hair! 
Curl~Gurl ALWAYS, never ashamed!

New Year, new GOAL! I am known to NEVER make resolutions (I just don't believe in them, period!) I do however believe in staying true to your word, your beliefs. With that said, my mantra, motto, "way of life" is simple: I don't follow herds (I'm not a farm animal), I like what I like. If 50 people think a shoe is ugly, but I love it - Guess what? I'm going to wear in and proudly parade it, in front of those 50 naysayers! On that note, my CURLS: 

Many call curly hair unruly, unkempt - UNTAMED! When it comes to my hair, "my hair got me there (Editor) and my writing added flair!" Days where my hair looks like SIDESHOW BOB, are those when I'm happiest, must mean I had a heck of great time, lol! I tell Dolls that when it comes to haircare, it's not the products you use, but rather the CARE you give your HAIR! Don't fight your type: if your hair is straight, don't use too much heat styling to curl it and if you're curly (raises hand), STOP fighting your hair, and let it be!

This hell only happens once-a-year (if that!) 

My hair NEVER get's split ends and that's because I rarely heat style. I've always believed that even when you roll your hair in rollers (which many think is "healthier" for your hair), you're still heat damaging. What exactly do you think those heat-wielding bobby pins holding your rollers in place do? BURN & DAMAGE the hair cuticle! YES, it's a step up from just blow-drying from wet to dry, but you're still doing damage. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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