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Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter-storm Hair & Skin Survival List

Top 7 Winter Weather Picks for Care for:
Curls, Lips, Skin & Hands
Curls, skin and lips must be moisturized and healthy! 
With all this snow, keeping warm isn't the only things on my mind - my hair is. Curl care isn't easy on it's own, without having to worry about hat hair, frizz and even more tangles! I LOVE wearing hats, all year round (I do have bad hair days, duh), so I have to make sure that my curls look great long after my hat comes off. 

Hats & hair go well with me! 
With Superstorm HERCULES blasting the North-east, bone-chilling and blistering single digit temperatures wreck havoc on your hair and skin. Drastic measures must be taken, to keep skin moist, refreshed and heal if cracking. I was lucky to get a snow day from work, but still have to head outside for a few errands. These are the products and accessories I will use through this BITTER BLAST and recommend:
1. Miss Jessie's Leave-in Condish: ($11) Lightweight and buttery, gives my curls a silky finish and smells super clean (like dryer sheets/softener...I LOVE that scent!) My hair remains moisturized, coiled and cute and frizz is never an issue when I remove my hat and hood! Available at: MissJessies.com, roling out at: Target, Duane Reade, Walgreens and Wal-Mart March 2014. 

2. 100% PURE African Baobab Oil: ($18) For dry skin and lackluster, dull hair, from the "upside down tree", (exotic looking trees are more than three thousand years old) baobab oil is packed with Omegas 3, 6 & 9 plus lots of vitamins to improve condition of lack-lustre, dry and aging skin and hair. spray my face hands and hair a few minutes before heading out. Also highly anti-aging, rich in Omega fatty acids and vitamins A, D E & F. Baobab oil increases elasticity of the skin and decreases moisture loss, and conditions hair. www.caribbeanshoppingchannel.com

3. Columbia Healing Cream: ($35) ULTRA hydrating, irritant and fragrance-free and absorbs into skin INSTANTLY, penetrating the fourth layer of your skin! Perfect for winter weather, from your nose to your to your toes. Creamy, not greasy and formulated with vitamins, minerals and healing botanicals and even safe for sensitive skin. Available at specialty spas, stores and at www.ColumbiaSkinCares.com

4. All Good Goop: ($8.50 - $40 depending on size) Soothing skincare products, derived from nature and devoid of chemicals, organic salve that soothes. Smells like essential oil (which I love) and is strong enough for a climber's raw knuckles yet gentle enough for a baby's bottom. Truly an everyday moisturizing balm that goes from soothing burns, blisters and abrasions, to easing the sting of insect bites, cracked skin – even diaper rash! Petroleum-free, made with organic herbs and oils and can be used on hands, lips, elbows and more. elementalherbs.com

5. All Good Lips Active Beauty Tints: ($4.99) Organic and paraben-free lip balms, in six silky shades with a hint of tint, that also offer SPF 18 pure zinc oxide protection! In six shades:  Alpine Pink, Red Rocks, Pacific Mist, Maroon CreekCopper Canyon and Barnabe Rose. Formula includes a hint of organic peppermint, essential oils and organic healing herbs such as Calendula, Comfrey and Lavender. Shop at: elementalherbs.com

6. MUJJO Leather & Crochet Touch-screen Gloves: ($100) The FIRST ever leather touch-screen gloves, from a Dutch designer label. Unlike other touchscreen gloves, MUJJO work with any finger, your knuckles and even the palm/back of your hand! These super stunning dual-sided leather and crotchet gloves fit my hands PERFECT! Lined with cashmere, they're wind and waterproof. I was asked to send in my size after using their sizing chart (found online), which I'm grateful for being that my hands are super tiny so I went with a women's size 7, the smallest. Snug fit, perfect protection and look absolutely STUNNING! mujjo.com/crochet-leather

Also available in....

7. MUJJO Knitted TouchScreen Gloves: ($29) If you don't prefer leather, you can still have the full-range "everything touchscreen" with knitted gloves in cool colors. I was lucky enough to get these in both coral pink and lavender. Despite these gloves being knitted only, they are super warm (warmer than my old fleece ones!) Also available: double-layered, in black, natural and sandstone. mujjo.com/touchscreen-gloves

~Evelyn Lugo

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