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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New : La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystals


I took a mini break, to be warm and cozy and what better way to come back than with La Prairie's new power duo: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil ($300) and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream? ($300) I've had these two amazing products since November, WAITING to pull the trigger and write my review (had to wait, per my reps) but that just gave me more time to test, especially with the recent bitter blast we're enduring on the East coast. Imaging that you're able to achieve timeless beauty, lavishly hydrate and luxuriously nurture your skin? Well with Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil and Cream, you can!
The media preview event that took place in November, made you feel as if you were transported to the Swiss Alps, with plants encapsulated in ice, white carpeting that resembled snow and ice sculptures everywhere! I am a huge fan of La Prairie products, using everything from hand to eye creams and most recently lips! (Check out my previous review here)

I'm the first on to cringe when I hear the word "face oil", as I fear it will clog my pores and cause me to break out, but the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil is "whisper light" sheer and feels like silk. My skin GLOWS, is soothed, moisture is sealed in and my skins natural lipid barrier function is well supported. The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is moisturizing beyond belief, sealing in moisture from within, giving it inner strength. A glistening cream that virtually disappears on my skin. I'll be 37 years old in May and skin care has become MY PRIORITY

La Prairie is the ultimate luxury in skin care and anti-aging, with the Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal duo not only promising ageless beauty, but also protect your skin from visible signs of accelerated aging, by combining patent-pending biotechnology with natures most powerful survival secrets. La Prairie went to the top of the Swiss Alps and discovered three fragile plants that survived the harshest elements on Earth, by protecting their DNA: Purple Saxifrage, Soldanella Alpina and Swiss Snow Algea (see more details below.) 

I'm not afraid to age and I actually feel way more comfortable (and confident) now at 36, than I actually did in my 20's! Honestly, if the DNA harvested from three plants used for this collection can survive extreme temperatures, despite how fragile they are and maintain TIMELESS BEAUTY; I want those same results for my skin. Check out this short film, on La Prairie: LaPrairie.com/quest-for-timeless-Beauty Part1 - and be sure to check out parts 2 and 3!

Showcased on gorgeous ice sculptures! 

Purple Saxifragethese tiny flowers envelop themselves in ice crystals to outlast extremes of cold, ice and altitude, awakening with the warmth of spring.

Soldanella Alpinafragile bell shaped flower uses fuel stored in its leaves to melt a place for itself to blossom through the ice.

Swiss Snow Algea: lies dormant beneath the ice in winter, surviving extreme temperatures, only to re-emerge as a crimson blanket on the surface of the snow in spring. 

Visit www.laprairie.com to learn more about the amazing luxury skincare experience, that is La Prairie, purchase product or locate an La Prairie retailer near you. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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