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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lisa Hoffman Fragrances

*Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli Eau De Parfum
When it comes to fragrances, I look for soft, sweet, sensual and definitely sexy. That's exactly what I got, when reps for Lisa Hoffman Beauty sent me a bottle of Tunisian Neroli Eau de Parfum (2 fl. oz/60mL $65) to test drive. It's no secret that I have a ton of perfumes, but I received so many compliments while wearing this scent, that I simply haven't stopped using it (and the scent lingers all day long, despite it's light airy scent!) If you can't wear perfumes for whatever reason, then I recommend you try Lisa Hoffman's fragrance jewelry (totally refillable!)

*Lisa Hoffman Tunisian Neroli $22/50mL, $65/60mL Feminine and intoxicating, Tunisian Neroli is a seductive, alluring scent that inspires mystery and new romance. The sand-fringed Mediterranean meets the vast Sahara Desert in Africa’s tiny coastal country, Tunisia, a breathtaking destination with a rich history and a turquoise sea. Here, the oil of the Neroli blossom, the most highly-regarded flower in the region, was sought after by royals and aristocrats who frequented Tunisia’s open-air markets and bazaars for its bold, sensuous effect. Lisa took this fragrant, floral note and surrounded it with gardenia petals, sweet orange blossom, ylang ylang, and green buchu leaf to craft her multi-faceted fragrance, Tunisian Neroli - a romantic, modern scent that evokes the beauty and mystique of ancient Tunisia.

Lisa Hoffman Madagascar Orchid $22/15mL, $65/60mL - Madagascar Orchid is an exotic, floral fragrance best paired with effortless beauty and natural femininity. In the moments just before dawn in the tropical rainforests of Madagascar, the stunning Madagascar Orchid releases its naturally evocative, feminine scent. With this unforgettable aroma at its heart - surrounded by notes of soft jasmine, energizing ylang ylang, luxurious pink peony, and uplifting mimosa mood - Madagascar Orchid is a modern, exotic bouquet that has the power to inspire feelings of romance, love, and radiance when experienced upon waking.

Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood $22/15mL, $65/60mL - Zesty, warm, and invigorating, the best-selling Japanese Agarwood asks you to “listen” as you experience its calming, blissful scent. In the sacred forests of the Far East, Agarwood, or the "Wood of the Gods,” has been coveted by ancient royals who believe its aroma has the power to elevate one's spiritual practice. So moved by this rare, coveted ingredient traditionally used in Japanese Kodo incense ceremonies, Lisa placed the note at the center of her fragrance, Japanese Agarwood. The tranquil, woody scent is balanced with a bright, energizing infusion of fresh ginger and zesty bergamot, enlivening creativity and sensuality. Notes of warm amber and musk round out the refreshingly modern fragrance, striking the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.
Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig $22/15mL, $65/60mL - Tuscan Fig is a warm and delectable fragrance inspired by the vineyards and fruit groves of Tuscany. Imagine your own secret garden in the golden fields of Tuscany during the height of summer, with sun rays radiating off your skin as you pick a ripe, plump fig from a tree in the grove - an experience captured by Lisa with her best-selling scent, Tuscan Fig. At the heart is subtly-sweet fig, a unique fruit brought to Italy by the Romans and beloved so much in ancient times that its leaves were often worn on the head as a crown. With gourmand notes of vanilla bean and coconut, Tuscan Fig dries down to heady notes of gardenia and honeysuckle to complement a sophisticated, seductive scent experience that’s almost edible.

Be sure to check out all of these wonderful fragrances and fragrance jewelry in the Lisa Hoffman Beauty collection at www.LisaHoffman.com

Los Angeles-based perfumer Lisa Hoffman embraces every facet of life into her creative process, from the everyday to the adventurous. With a rich background in fragrance - including education in Grasse, France with the world's most esteemed perfumers - she has seamlessly assimilated traditional fine fragrance into the lifestyle of the contemporary woman to create a brand that's unique and wearable. Each scent in Lisa’s diverse fragrance line has been crafted to capture the essence of her favorite destinations from around the world to effortlessly transport women to places filled with beauty and tranquility.

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