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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Essentials by Artistry

Essentials by Artistry Gel Cleanser, Light Lotion and Makeup Removing Wipes
One thing you can never be too busy for, is your skin. You simply must make time, especially before bedtime. I've been obsessed with my skin and its care ever since I was 12 (we're talking early 90's here and it's paid off), so if you're on the go, here is a NEW skin care line by Artistry, the world’s most scientifically advanced range of beauty solutions. Introducing Essentials by Artistry, perfect for the under 25 audience, Essentials is a minimalistic approach to modern, young skincare.
Refresh the daily routine with an easy, three-step, three-minute process with just the essentials: Make-up Removing Wipes ($14), Gel Cleanser ($18) and Light Lotion ($26). Throw Essentials in the gym bag, work bag, or in the bathroom drawer to quickly tone and cleanse before a grueling work-out or a tough day at school or the office. Get ready for skin that naturally glows; Essentials, packed with chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E., just gives it the boost it needs to shine this spring!

Overall, young skincare line or not, I still test drove and loved how gentle, yet effective these were, especially the makeup removing wipes. Please be sure to head over to www.amway.com to check out these, as well as all the other products in the entire Artistry collection.

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