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Friday, October 9, 2015

Hair: National Shampoo Day

Shampooing hair daily
From my @evcurlgurl InstaGram post

With National Shampoo Day just around the corner on 10/20 and I am delighted to share this, especially since I recently posted on my social media sites that I wash my hair daily (to the shock of many naturalistas). Listen I understand that it's frowned upon, BUT I have been doing so nearly 30 years, sometimes even TWICE A DAY (after yoga, etc... and I may skip a day here and there). I instantly fell in love with Tara Smith at her product launch event this past June (see my article here), not just because of her fabulous curls, but because she said to me: "It's perfectly fine to wash your hair everyday, why not?"


Renowned celebrity hairstylist, Tara Smith, is celebrating by letting everyone know that you CAN actually wash your hair everyday… with the RIGHT products. Although there may only be one day dedicated to cleansing your tresses, Tara Smith says that every day can be National Shampoo Day! It was a pleasure hanging again with Tara Smith backstage this NYFW, at the Laurel Dewitt show (full NYFW recaps are still pending - EvCurlGurl always waits until fashion month is over...so stay tuned) and I overheard Tara giving this advice to a few of bloggers and models on hand, many who were surprised, even a few somewhat relieved to actually hear it. 

Backstage with Tara Smith - creating hair looks at Laurel Dewitt S/S'16
Tip: for hair lovers that want to wash their locks on the daily, Tara says that you can by using shampoos and conditioners that contain all natural ingredients and are packed with healthy botanicals, such as those in her Tara Smith Haircare line, which do not strip hair of essential oils, but rather feed and rejuvenate locks to ensure incredible shine, volume and hydration. Many messaged me asking WHY I would say that I wash my hair daily, and the answer to that is simply - because I want to! Nearly three decades and I'm not bald and my hair is healthy, so I guess its working well for me. Also, I use plenty of leave-in and you must remember to treat your mane to a weekly deep treatment!

~Evelyn Lugo

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