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Monday, August 25, 2014

NEW: Alex and Ani Fall 2014 Collection



Alex and Ani will reveal their NEW Fall Collection in a few days and I can finally share my media preview experience with you, which I attended. Alex and Ani is more than just accessories, but also company that strives on (+) Energy, with products made in America. I attended the Alex and Ani Media Preview back in June and not only did I feel like a kid in a candy shop while previewing the upcoming releases, but I was blessed enough to receive a few pieces (which I have not taken off since) to add to my ever-growing collection. Now pay close attention below, as there over 50 pieces showcased in all the pictures. 

Just a few of my Alex and Ani charms


What made this preview even more special, were the new leather goods, NEW Braided Vegan Wrap  bracelets and The Gabriel Collection: handbags, clutches, wallets, pouchettes and cases. Path Of Life Leather: super soft, and truly stunning pieces that were inspired by Archangel Gabriel, the sacred messenger. I fell in love with the Gabriel Tote ($368): roomy, supple bag that I must have. 

NEW Alex and Ani Gabriel Tote - perfect travel companion!
Let's take a closer look at the Alex and Ani collection  

Indie Spirit Collection: Available 8/26: Let inspiration stream through your soul like a pulse of electric energy. A free flow of motivation and fearlessness, the Indie Spirit Collection empowers the secret, wild ambitions your heart beats for. Embark on the eccentric adventures that speak to your soul and uplift your entire being.

Gabriel Collection: Available 10/2
Inspired by the story of archangel Gabriel, Alex and Ani has crafted a line of leather essentials that are divinely unique. Archangel Gabriel, a messenger and a great communicator, is a reminder to be guided by the universe’s message as you journey down your own path of life. Live consciously, spread messages of love, and carry your intention with The Gabriel Collection.


Path of Life Leather: We crafted this leather to feature our intricate Path of Life pattern. This purposeful, ever-changing design was created to depict the woven and shifting paths of fate. With archangel Gabriel as a guiding messenger, the leather reminds you to keep focused on the importance of each day, trusting the path all the way.

Precious Collection: Available 11/4 - Alex and Ani’s new Precious Metals Collection includes a variety of earrings, and expandable necklaces, rings, and bracelets available in 14K gold filled and Sterling Silver finishes. Each expertly crafted piece has specific symbolism behind it, making it an even more meaningful and thoughtful gift. Symbols including the Path of Life, Feather, Endless Knot, Cross, Hand of Fatima, Evil Eye and more.

Night’s Mosaic Collection: Available 10/30
The night is alive with color, a starlit sky, and the dusk’s secret treasures. A celestial expression of possibility, the mystic evening is a mosaic of luminous hues and dark spaces. Gaze at its resplendent parts, the intricate pieces of the whole. Inspired by life’s canvas, the Night’s Mosaic Collection is a celebration of the light in your spirit and the stars in your eyes.

Other items in the Alex and Ani collection: Path of Life Votive Candles and Scent7 Body Line: 


Which Fall 2014 Alex and Ani goodies did I take home? 
1 Already had this prior to the event (love it) it's the Alex and Ani Love Wrap Bangle ($48)
2 Silver Indie Wrap $38 (available 8/27)
3 Braided Vegan Leather Wrap $32 (available 8/27)
4 Winding road Expandable Wire Bangle - light slate Russian Silver $38 (available 8/27)
**Chain below from Alex and Ani: Italian Horn $108 (available in RI stores currently)

Gorgeous Italian Horn Necklace
I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with Alex and Ani, but after seeing the upcoming leather goods and accessories, I did so it's safe to say that I am "Alex and Ani OBSESSED!" I also received the Path of Life votive candle $12 (available in stores and online now) and the Scent7 Body Lotion $24 (available in stores and online now) which I use with the Scent7 bath soap - already in my bathroom! 

Charming Addiction: Alex and Ani Obsessed!

Visit www.AlexandAni.com to check out the entire Alex and Ani collection, purchase charms, accessories or to find a store location near you!

~Evelyn Lugo

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