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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Alberto VO5® Declares August National Frizz Awareness Month


Alberto VO5 declared August "National Frizz Awareness Month" and although the month is almost over, I am thrilled that I managed to fight frizz (well, almost.) We can't complain as this summer was pretty mild - we didn't have one heatwave! That doesn't mean that I had a couple of frightful frizz-filled days, there were still a few humid days here and there in NYC, but nothing compared to last year where I rocked a slicked bun an entire week! VO5 Salon Series is a serious frizz-fighting hair care line, formulated with 11 oils. My shampoo and conditioner were the Smooth + Sleek, for flawless frizz control.

Last summer: Humid, hair in a bun & bothered!

Here is some mane-taming advice from Alberto VO5:

Understanding why frizz happens, and the roles that “good oils” and pre-treatment play in keeping hair manageable, healthy and beautiful - “Frizz is caused when water, found in humid hair, modifies hair’s structural protein, causing our hair cuticles to let loose, and literally spring out of control,” said Nina Riley, VP of Marketing for Alberto VO5. “The key is preventing that process early-on, starting with pre-treating the hair before shampooing with products like VO5 Hot Oil Treatment, which smooth out the cuticle and keep frizz from taking hold.” 

Let's take a look at the VO5® 5-Step Process Tames Frizz, from pre-shampoo treatment through styling: for Smooth, Healthy Hair!

Step 1Pre-Shampoo Treatment ($3.99 Soap.com) VO5 pioneered mass Hot Oil Treatment, with a 5-vitamin and protein rich formula to moisturize and condition hair from roots to ends, helping to restore shine, strength and silky softness while smoothing hair cuticles and helping prevent frizz. One minute once a week is all it takes to avoid frizz.

Steps 2 & 3Shampoo and Condition. ($3.49 each, Soap.com) Products like VO5 Salon Series Smooth + Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner contain a unique smoothing complex that helps manage unruly hair and help eliminate frizz, pronto!

Step 4 – Styling Prep. ($3.99 Soap.com) VO5 Salon Series Anti-Frizz & Shine Styling Cream preps hair for the rigors of styling by nourishing hair, reducing frizz and boosting shine.

Step 5 – Finish. Use Perfect Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray ($3.99 Soap.com) to help fortify your hair for a healthy shine that perfectly finishes any style.

My hair from frizz to FAB! 

FYI: There still time left, as all throughout August Alberto VO5 will offer frizz fighting tips and tricks on its website, featuring expert advice on video from Monique Frausto of Curves and Chaos and Jill Seiman of Glamamom, a frizz-fighting toolkit and coupons for VO5 product. On the VO5 Facebook page and website, VO5 fans will have the chance to win up to $5,000 in cash and Alberto VO5 products through a Hot Oil Hot Summer Sweepstakes.

#NationalAntiFrizzMonth - For more on the Alberto VO5® hair care line please visit www.vo5haircare.com.

~Evelyn Lugo

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