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Saturday, August 2, 2014




Back in May, I attended an event for HELIOCARE at the Kimberly Hotel. Like anyone else, I thought to myself "hmm, so is this sunscreen in a pill?" Not quite but it's close. What is Heliocare? Backed by 30 years of study, it's an oral dietary supplement with antioxidant properties that helps preserve your skin's ability to protect against sun-related effects and aging (these statements have not yet been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.) I spend a lot of time in the sun, either in the beach or traveling to Los Angeles, so I test drove Heliocare about two months (in addition to my arsenal of sunscreen, of course.) My skin does actually feel better post tan, than it has in the past. I'm about three shades darker this summer from all the "fun in the sun" and my skin would be very dry and rough, regardless how much lotion I would use afterwards. 

Evcurlgurl.comHELIOCARE $29.99 - 60 Capsules

What it does: This antioxidant aids in eliminating free radicals produced by sun exposure. A reduction in these free radicals helps to maintain younger, more resilient skin. 

Key ingredients: Derived from the extract of Polypodium leucotomos (PLE), a tropical fern native to Central and South America that has been used for centuries as a remedy for skin conditions. This fern was once an aquatic plant that adapted to life on land and created its own protection from exposure to harsh UV rays. 


I take sun and skin care seriously but to hear guest speaker Vivian Bucay, MD a dermatologist, tell her story of when she was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma - everyone took notice and her advice! Dr. Bucay's cancer was tucked away in her navel and it wasn't until she noticed flaking skin, that she had a biopsy to see what caused the shedding. She sought immediate treatment and is cancer-free today.

Dr. Vivian Bucay
Directions for Use: You take one capsule daily in the morning as a dietary supplement. When prolonged sun exposure is anticipated (as with my beach trips) take one capsule a half hour before exposure and a second capsule two to three hours later. 

HELIOCARE can be purchased at Walgreens and Rite Aid locations nationwide for $29.99 (60 capsules). For more information, visit www.Heliocare.com

~Evelyn Lugo

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