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Friday, December 4, 2015

Make Up For Ever Holiday 2015


Oh, the holidays, a time for festive fun, parties, shopping, and of course, TONS of holiday gift guides! It's no secret that I'm a total "lips and lashes" gal, so whether you want to give (or get) a gorgeous gift of glamour and bold beauty this holiday, you're in luck. Check out these stunning MAKE UP FOR EVER sets. 

When the brand sent me these fabulous picks (my goodness, how fabulous is this lipgloss collection?), I squealed with joy! Now let's go and "get glam", check out the MAKE UP FOR EVER Holiday 2015 sets: 


Artist Plexi-Gloss Collection - $150 ($228 value)

Celebrate 12 Days of Glosses with this spectacular set, featuring a beautiful range of the new high-impact Artist Plexi-Gloss shades. With show-stopping shine and incredible stay-on power, these 12 glosses provide long-lasting luscious lips for any occasion. The Artist Plexi-Gloss Collection includes:


1. Artist Plexi-Gloss #100P (Pearly Light Beige – Sheer)
2. Artist Plexi-Gloss #104 (Brown Beige – Opaque)
3. Artist Plexi-Gloss #202 (Sweet Pink – Sheer)
4. Artist Plexi-Gloss #206 (Pop Pink – Sheer)
5. Artist Plexi-Gloss #209 (Fuchsia Pink – Opaque)
6. Artist Plexi-Gloss #300P (Pearly Golden Pink Coral – Sheer)
7. Artist Plexi-Gloss #305 (Orange Coral – Sheer)
8. Artist Plexi-Gloss #306 (Orange – Opaque)
9. Artist Plexi-Gloss #403 (Red – Opaque)
10. Artist Plexi-Gloss #405P (Pearly Plum – Sheer)
11. Artist Plexi-Gloss #406 (Burgundy – Opaque)
12. Artist Plexi-Gloss #500 (Lilac – Opaque)

Cult Brush Set - $86 ($143 value) 


Spread some cheer with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s specially handcrafted Artisan Brush collection. The Cult Brush Set includes three eye-specific makeup brushes and two complexion brushes encased in a glamorous travel pouch with storage pockets to keep each brush in tip top shape for wherever the occasion takes you. The Cult Brush Set includes:

Artisan Brush #106 (Medium Foundation Brush)
Artisan Brush #152 (Medium Highlighter Brush)
Artisan Brush #226 (Medium Eye Shader Brush)
Artisan Brush #260 (Bent Eyeliner Brush)
Artisan Brush #270 (Angled Eyebrow Brush)

15 Artist Shadow Palette - $59 ($221 value) 

Have a ball with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s cult-classic Artist Shadow in this 15 shadow palette featuring a variety of shades with high color pay-off and remarkable blendability. Made to create any look during the holiday season or year-round, this palette features shades ranging from soft and subtle to bold and bright. Become an expert with an included step-by-step tutorial and insider tips from professional makeup artists. The set is adorned in a festive case that’s sure to impress both makeup junkies and beginners alike. The 15 Artist Shadow Palette set includes:


Artist Shadow #I-528 (Pearl)
Artist Shadow #S-522 (Pinky Nude)
Artist Shadow #I-550 (Olive Gray)
Artist Shadow #I-524 (Pink Beige)
Artist Shadow #I-662 (Amber Brown)
Artist Shadow #D-826 (Fig)
Artist Shadow #I-916 (Frosted Mauve)
Artist Shadow #I-922 (Electric Purple)
Artist Shadow #D-830 (Black Rose)
Artist Shadow #D-236 (Lagoon Blue)
Artist Shadow #S-228 (Petrol Blue) 
Artist Shadow #ME-216 (Electric Blue)
Artist Shadow #ME-122 (Snow)
Artist Shadow #S-114 (Pearl Gray)
Artist Shadow #S-102 (Onyx) 

Artist Plexi-Gloss Kit - $43 ($76 value)


Get glossy with this chic case containing MAKE UP FOR EVER’s best-selling Artist Plexi-Gloss shades. Make a statement with the two bold, brilliants shades or stay neutral with two daytime shades to perfect any pout. The Artist Plexi-Gloss Kit includes:

Artist Plexi-Gloss #101 (Nude Beige – Opaque)
Artist Plexi Gloss #207 (Candy Pink – Opaque)
Artist Plexi Gloss #301P (Pearly Nude Coral – Sheer)
Artist Plexi Gloss #304 (Red Coral – Sheer)

Lash Show Kit - $32 ($54 value)

Perfect the smoky eye with this all-in-one Lash Show Kit for eyes that truly pop. Transform eyes and amp up holiday drama with these 3 MAKE UP FOR EVER favorites in one set, which includes:

Lash Show #403
Graphic Liner
Smoky Extravagant (Travel-Size) 

Artist Plexi-Gloss Duo - $20

Shine bright with MAKE UP FOR EVER’s new Artist Plexi-Gloss Duo with two vivid shades for bold color and instant impact. This gloss duo gives on-the-go glamour and serves as the perfect finish for any holiday look. The Artist Plexi-Gloss Duo includes: 

Artist Plexi-Gloss #209 (Fuchsia Pink – Opaque)
Artist Plexi-Gloss #403 (Red – Opaque)

You can purchase all these MAKE UP FOR EVER limited edition glamorous holiday sets at Sephora/Sephora.comMAKEUPFOREVER.com, and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques.

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