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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lips Event: Bliss & Make Up Forever

SUGAR LIP SCRUB & pout-o-matic Lip Brush

Yesterday, I headed to the SEPHORA in Soho to check out the public event: the teaming up of MAKE UP FOR EVER with Bliss. I let them perfect my pout and define my personal lip style, as Bliss launched a new product: Fabulips 'pout-o-matic.

En route to get my Pout Polished & Perfected
What is it? Think a scrub and brush for your lips, just as sonic brushes are for your teeth - A MUST HAVE! Dead skin is removed, your lips are smooth and look fuller (not that I need that.) After my pucker was polished, I was able to choose your signature shade from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist collection (which I chose their Intense line.)

The BLISS Fabulips™ 'Pout'-o-matic Spa Powered Lip-Perfecting System is $48 at Sephora and brings everything you need to smooth your lips. I absolutely love the sugar lips scrub (tastes great, but don't eat it.) Made with sweet sugar, walnut shells and jojoba, your pout will be polished, soft and smooth. The Bliss rep Elizabeth showed me what to do and I went to town on my lips. 

After perfecting my pout, Make Up Forever artists took over and helped me choose a shade of my choice. I went with a bold red, so my makeup artist started by lining my lips with Make Up Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in shade 8C (true red) and finished with Rouge Artist Intense lipstick # 42 (satin vermilion red.)

Lady in Red
The Bliss collection isn't only for lip care, but rather vast at-home spa treatment line that includes, weight loss, skin care and more. I saw three display counters. 

Check out more Bliss products at www.blissworld.com and you can also visit www.Sephora.com 

~Evelyn Lugo


  1. Great review and I'm so glad you like the Pout-o-matic! The response we're getting has been terrific and I'm so happy to hear you felt the same way!!! Mike

  2. Thank you so much Mike, means the world!!!