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Friday, March 7, 2014

HAIR HEALTH: Nouráge Hair Tablets


Hair care products are great, but you must also nourish your hair from within. The past month I have been testing Nouráge and I know many may feel that I shouldn't be taking hair supplements to promote growth, but with my crazy schedule my hair tends to either not grow as fast or fall out. Heck, sometimes I get frustrated and chop a chunk out.

Yep, I have my moments when I grab scissors all on my own
Nouráge works from the inside out with Keratin, targeting the follicle at the root with protein in order to stimulate growth. Other factors such as alopecia, menopause, post pregnancy, stress, protein deficiency and weight loss can also wreck havoc on your hair. One of my hair idols Kyle Richards has been using Nouráge over 12 years and is a huge fan as she started using the product after having kids, to maintain her luscious locks.

I decided to try a hair supplement and see for myself. You'll see my hair loose often, but when I'm working or super busy it's usually picked up and wrapped tight in a bun (which means breakage!) Nouráge contains 180 tablets and they recommend 3 a day, twice a day. A one-month supply costs $59.95 and it takes 30-60 days to see results. 

My hair was a bit shorter when I started using Nouráge
This horrendous winter coupled with NYFW = STRESS on my hair. I noticed that more fell out when I washed and detangled, so I told my reps that I would need 4-6 weeks to fully test Nouráge and I'm glad I did. My hair is fuller and a bit longer, though it grows pretty good I noticed it looks and feels healthier and I have NOT used hair treatments in over a month, on purpose.

Nouráge provides the body with essential proteins and vitamins to help grow a thicker, healthier head of hair. For more information visit www.nourage.com 

~Evelyn Lugo

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