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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hair: Unwash Dry Cleanser


I'm already a huge fan of unwash hair products: cleansing conditioner, anti-residue rinse and hydrating masque (ICYMI, see my previous review here), so when reps for the brand sent me the NEW Dry Cleanser ($28 3.3 oz / 147 ml) I went to town on my tresses. Now, I must stress that I stay away from dry cleansers, since my hair is dark and curly (would just make a flaky mess), but this dry cleanser from Unwash left zero residue and despite all the hair gel from the previous day, my hair was refreshed and looked great! 

No water? No problem. Refresh and revive hair on the fly with this superior, lightweight performance formula made with pure volcanic ash. Created to absorb excess dirt and oil, this revolutionary dry shampoo leaves absolutely no residue behind on the hair, making it the perfect touch up product for cleansing in between washes and blowouts. Vitamin E and Panthenol provide conditioning and strengthening while plant extracts nurture hair for beautiful bounce, body and healthy shine. The result? Second-day hair perfection.

Unwash Anti-Residue Rinse, Dry Cleanser and Hydrating Masque
Be sure to check out the other amazing hair products by Unwash. Unwash Dry Cleanser is available for $28.00 at unwash.com

Hair haul from the Unwash team!

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