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Thursday, September 4, 2014

R.I.P Joan Rivers 1933 - 2014


Truly a long and sad week after so much waiting, hoping and praying. I am so disappointed as I really did expect some sort of miracle, but the lady who made my first fashion week two years ago so memorable, and made millions laugh, is gone.  As I ran from one Fashion Week show to another today, I looked at my social media feed to learn that our beloved Joan Rivers had passed away. Fashion Week will never again be the same and my heart goes out to her daughter Melissa and her entire family at E!. A true trailblazer has been lost, even at age 81 - it wasn't time yet, especially not during her favorite time of the year: Fashion Week.

I was nervous entering my first-ever NYFW for Chris Benz back in September 2012. I kept dropping my gadgets and then I bumped into Joan. I was mortified, but this little lady said "you alright there dear?" I was a bit scared, but Joan was super sweet to me, as was her daughter Melissa. I kept apologizing (I was so nervous) only to then received an invite from Joan and her team, to the Benefit Cosmetics NYFW Wrap Party the following day. I had my hair cut at the Ouidad salon that same day and to my surprise, Joan noticed. She recalled that it was longer the day before. She even held my hand during out picture - because I kept shaking!

My first NYFW show: Chris Benz September 2012

I love how brutally honest, determined and hilarious this little lady was, always saying out loud, what many only think about - never biting her tongue. I will never forget her words as she pinned me with her Joan Rangers pin and she felt my boobs just to be sure she wouldn't deflate something. Her production crew was mortified (see their reaction in the background) and Melissa simply yelled "MOM!!!" No worries, I grinned from ear-to-ear, considered it my "Joan autograph!" (and yes, she confirmed that my boobs were real, lol!) I will forever treasure my Joan Rangers pin, believe that!

She did what?? Oh yes she did - you go Joan!
Earlier today at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week - Lincoln Center: EMPTY! 

~Evelyn Lugo

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