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Monday, July 14, 2014



CUTEX® is the leader in nail care products since 1911, so when they give you tips for healthy nails, you listen! With summer here (I have nearly 300 bottles of polish) I go crazy with all the pastels and neon shades, sometimes changing my color twice a day - and my nails take a beating. Luckily, CUTEX removes my polish quickly while caring for my nails. I received the following products from CUTEX: Advanced Revival Nail Polish remover, Spa Formula Nail Polish Remover, BASEWORX Smoothing & Strengthening Base Coat and their new Gel Polish Removal Kit ($9.95.) 
Believe me, I go through A LOT of polish changes...

The Gel Polish Removal Kit is easy to use, infused with soy and botanical oils that remove gel polish in five easy steps. First, start by using the buffer to crack the top coat of gel polish. Next, apply the Cutex® Cuticle Barrier Cream to the cuticle and skin closest to the nail to provide added conditioning and protection from the acetone in the remover. After protecting the skin and cuticles, apply the gelled solution liberally on the nail and secure with a cotton-padded foil wrap, similar to a bandage. This process creates a catalyzing effect with the gel remover and the your body heat.

"There are so many opportunities to be outdoors during the summer and, while we know to protect our skin, protecting our nails is just as important,” said Barbara Hershfelt, Director of Sales and Marketing for Cutex®. “Nails may look beautiful on the surface but, to keep them healthy, it’s vital to care for what’s under the color."

1. Sunscreen isn’t just for the skin. Nails are made of protein and need as much protection as our skin does. When lathering on the sunscreen, remember those hands and feet – ­especially the cuticles. Cuticles serve a purpose; they seal in moisture and protect new nail growth as it emerges from the base of the nail. Sun, wind and sand can dry cuticles and nail folds (the areas of skin that frame your nails), which is bad for nail growth.

2. Cover your head and nails. Dermatologists recommend donning a baseball cap or cute floppy hat to shade the head and face from the sun’s harsh rays. Cutex® recommends coating nails with a polish, base coat or ridge-filler to protect nails against the elements. The Cutex® clear basecoat, Baseworx, contains biotin, the only supplement scientifically proven to improve nail health. Baseworx not only lengthens the life of manicures, it is also the perfect protection for those heading sea-side, where high salt and moisture can soften and split nails.

3. Keep infection at bay. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 50 percent of all nail disorders are caused by fungal infections. People tend to go swimming, exercise, and visit spas more often in summer. While those places are great for relaxing or keeping fit, any damp place – like a locker room – can breed fungus, so be sure to wear some type of footwear at all times when in public. Feet can also become hot and sweaty in the summer. Open-toed shoes or light sandals can help keep feet dry and healthy.

4. Oil-up to protect and moisturize. Dermatologists suggest coating hands and nails in natural oils to moisturize. When you’re looking to change polishes, reach for Cutex® Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover. Named 2014’s Best Nail Polish Remover by NewBeauty Magazine, Advanced Revival combines the power of acetone with the nourishing and natural botanical oils of apricot seed, flax seed and perilla, for stronger, healthier nails. Plus, Advanced Revival removes polish twice as fast as other brands. That means more time to spend enjoying summer!

5. Dramatic nails? Ditch the harsh salon acetone for DIY removal. Do you take your nails to the extreme with gel or glitter polish? Extreme nails don’t have to mean extremely harsh nail polish remover. Try at-home removal with the new Cutex® Gel Polish Removal Kits or SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover. These products work as well as 100 percent acetone, yet moisturize and condition nails even after the first use.

6. Go Naked! Even with the best products, nails still need a rest. If your nails are brittle, break easily or just look unhealthy, dermatologists recommend ditching the polish for three months. Still need a little shine? Use Cutex® Baseworx, which uses bio-ceramic technology to bind to the protein in nails, strengthening them in the process.

Cutex® products are available to consumers throughout the United States at major chain stores, regional grocers, and online at CutexShop.com. Find Cutex® online at CutexNails.com and follow Cutex® on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

~Evelyn Lugo

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