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Monday, July 28, 2014



I'm sharing with my curl~friends another one of my favorite curl lines which I have used since its launch in 2012 from Redken: CURVACEOUS. When REDKEN launched their curl line CURVACEOUS nearly two years ago, I attended the launch at The Redken Exchange where I had an amazing one-on-one consultation with stylist Jenny Balding, whom I now have the pleasure of joining backstage at many NYFW shows. I received these products from Redken for re-review on my blog, because I am after-all, "The Curl~Gurl with Hair to Share!" 

REDKEN Curl Pattern Scale: What's your curl type? 

The CURVACEOUS curl line contains seven easy to use products: Cream Shampoo, Conditioner, Full Swirl, Wind Up, Ringlet, Wave Ahead and Curl Dive; define your curls, wave and reduce frizz significantly with Curl Memory Complex (sugar crystals, moringa oil, UV filters and Interlock Protein Network) to nourish, strengthen and reactivate your curls, for brilliant shine.  REDKEN'S "The Interlock Protein Network" is made up of three ingredients that together repair your hair from the wet-to-dry phase. My hair was shorter then (of course) and with my many different curl patterns, I still use this product line to help reactivate my curl pattern which changes as my hair grows: 
My curls THEN and now! My curl pattern varies with growth. 

Let's take a look at the seven products, in Redken's Curvaceous product line for curls and waves: 

Curvaceous Cream Shampoo ($18.00 10.1 oz.) For all types of curls and waves, sulfate-free to gently cleanse your curly hair without removing natural oils. Provides extra moisture if left on longer.

Curvaceous Conditioner ($19.00 8.5 oz.) For all types of curls and waves, 2-in-1 creamy and weightless formula that can also be used as a rinse-out or a leave-in smoothing lotion (a must for me.) 

Curvaceous Wave Ahead ($18.00 4.7 oz.) A lightweight texturizing mousse for lazy waves and curls. 

Curvaceous Full Swirl ($19.00 5.0 oz) For curls and spirals, a combination cream serum that helps control frizz by locking out humidity, providing 97% frizz reduction for three days. 

Curvaceous Ringlet ($18.00 6 oz.) For curls and spirals, a perfecting lotion that gives you weightless, frizz-free curls full of bounce! Prepares your curls to take on any shape - the perfect foundation for laying with other Curvaceous products. 

Curvaceous Wind Up ($18.00 5.0 oz) For all types of curls and waves, a curl reactivating spray for dry hair and leave-in that provides control without crunch. Small enough to carry around in your purse too! 

Curvaceous Curl Dive ($20.00 6.1 oz.) For dry, intense curls - a nourishing mask that not only hydrates, but deeply nourishes the driest ringlets by delivering targeted repair and natural oils. To use, apply to wet hair and leave in 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the condition of your hair. 

You can get your Curvaceous curl products at a Redken salon or visit www.Redken.com for more information and locations near you. 

~Evelyn Lugo

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