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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk with Heidi Klum


It's no secret that we gals love our shoes and in most cases: the higher the better! Let's be honest, most of us have a few pairs of monsters in our closet that make us suffer and yet we still gladly wear them. Well Heidi Klum says you shouldn't have to let a shoe change your mood, just need to know how to TAME YOUR SHOES with Dr. Scholl's DREAMWALK. It's not only high heels, flats can hurt too and the DREAMWALK collection has your feet covered. From high heel insoles, rub relief strips, heel liners, arch support and ball of foot cushions - there is something to help your feet look beautiful and feel comfortable.

My DreamWalk Haul
I had a blast at this event, picking out tons of DreamWalk products and even having the pleasure of meeting Heidi Klum herself. After speaking to everyone briefly about the products and her love of shoes, Heidi admitted (and even took off her shoes to show us) that despite being a supermodel, she feels short without her heels and just doesn't feel fab unless she's wearing them. 

Heidi Klum's Q&A with guests at the Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk event
Dr. Scholl's developed new product innovation and refreshed its look, so that women no longer have to sacrifice their personal style for the sake of comfort. DreamWalk instantly transforms uncomfortable shoes, into remarkable wearable ones. The Monster Meanie shoes from the DreamWalk commercial were also at the event and to answer many of your questions, NO they aren't for sale (yes, many actually asked if they were.) 

Let's take a look at what I got:  

As any shoe-loving, sole-sista would understand, this cute heel flash-drive from the DreamWalk event literally tickled me pink and I still use it to this day. You can purchase Dr. Scholl's DreamWalk at most food, drug and mass retailers. Visit Drscholls.com for more info.

~Evelyn Lugo

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