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Sunday, March 25, 2018



Sleep. If you know me (#sleepqueen) then you know that I get plenty of it - 8 to10 hours nightly, depending on my schedule. If you follow me on social media, then you also know that I have a large collection of sleeping masks and always sleep with one, well before my teenage years. Why? Well for starters, I get a much deeper, uninterrupted night's sleep (I don't nap, no time with a 9:00 - 6:00 job and events afterwards), and of course, any light is blocked out. I also attribute my wrinkle-free eyes to sleep masks. My eyes are protected all night. This is why I'm so glad reps for Slip Silk Sleep Mask sent me my two latests additions pictured above. #SlipSilkPillowCase

Slip Silk Sleep Mask ($45) — Made using the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and non-toxic dyes, Slipsilk is specially-commission and made to exacting stands, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. This slippery soft silk is used to create the amazing Slip Sleep Masks, for the best zzz’s! Pair them with matching silk pillow cases and available at SlipSilkPillowcase.com and Sephora.

Now before you disagree that sleep masks are comfortable (a few pals have argued, so if yours isn't, then you definitely have a cheap one) a good mask will not dig into your eyes and should never feel tight behind the ears. Just light pressure on your eyelids, which in my opinion reduce eye movement while you sleep, thus helping you wake up rested and will less puffiness. 

I switch up my sleeping mask style (depending on my mood)


My personal sleeping mask collections has grown over the years and comes from pretty much everywhere: Sephora, online, gifts from brands, etc. I can never have enough, or get enough sleep. #AntiAging 

~Evelyn Lugo

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