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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Bandelettes Thigh Bands


Listen up ladies, if your thighs rub (big or small, thigh chafing is a real problem, unless you have a thigh gap, which in that case I offer you my condolences: Why?, Google it: team "tight and right!"), allow me to introduce to you my favorite fashion accessory, especially when wearing maxi or summer dresses: Bandelettes Thigh Bands. What are they? The anti-chafing stretching bands with silicone backing, that wraps around the tights and end skin to skin rubbing. Available in lace or solid bands, from size 2 to 24 in an array of colors ($14.99 - $15.99). If you play sports - think tennis shorts - then the solid bands are perfect for you! 


I attended an event with the brand two weeks ago where I was measured, given a size B Bandelette band (in Black Onyx and Dolce Beige), and even had the chance to chat with and meet Project Runway season 14 winner Ashley Nell Tipton. I'm telling you that after wearing short tights under all my maxis for years, I will never go back. I believe in Bandelettes. True Tip: you should NOT apply lotions prior to putting them on (don't do it). Otherwise they will slip and slide, totally defeating the purpose of the silicone bands. My second day wearing my Bandelettes - lotion-free - they stood up and on for 12+ hours, no complaints here. 


I love Bandelettes because aside from staying put all day long, they protect my thighs from chafing, are super comfortable and they may even come in handy for some sexy play (so I've heard, lol.) Get yours now, by visiting www.Bandelettes.com

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